Monday, October 17, 2016

We've got a 4-year old!

Well, our littlest little turned four last week.  He had been anticipating his birthday for quite some time.  He decided on a Spiderman party a couple of months ago and asked where his Spiderman cake was approximately 6,000 times.  He checked the mail several times as if it was going to come through the postal service, ha!

His birthday was on Thursday, so we started out with a donut cake.  We knew he wouldn't understand that his party was on a different day, so we just pretended that we were having a party :)
 Little man was jumping up and down with joy when he saw his tractor!  We celebrated at night with a Chickfila meal and cookie... it was a fun day of junk food in the Lemons' household!
On Saturday we had our parents and siblings over for dinner and cake.  Big groups of people can still be overwhelming for Israel, so we wanted to keep it small and intimate for him.  It helps him to open up and really show his personality!  Since he was very familiar with everyone there, we all got to see his excitement and energetic personality!
For the first time EVER, he finished his dinner before anyone else.  He is normally sitting at the table for a good 15-20 minutes after we are all done.  He knew that presents and cake were up next!  "Mama, I'm done.  Everyone needs to eat their food!"  "Mama, you done?" 
 Miss Autumn made him a Spiderman cake that was just as yummy as it was cute! 
 After dinner we opened presents.  He's pretty much a pro at this!
 Time to play some football!
 Oh how this boy loves PJ Mask!
 And Spiderman!
 Of course I had to document all of the special people that came to celebrate Israel!

KK and Poppy
 Aunt Li-ia!
 Anna and Mario
 Gigi and Poppy!
 Finally time to eat his Spiderman cake!
Missing the early birthdays isn't easy.  I often get emotional about the first few years of both of my children's lives.  It saddens me to think about all the things we missed out on, all the things we will never know, all those firsts that came and went without being celebrated.  But, somehow, in all that sadness, God makes our moments, holidays, and "firsts" so so so special.  He reminds me of how good He is.  How precious it is that He brought our family together.  I feel His blessings in our everyday lives.  I see how good He is when I see how much my children have overcome.  So, this first birthday of Israel's was so very special.  He's healthy, smart, loved, and thriving.  He feels the love of a family.  He hears about Jesus every single day.  I just couldn't be more thankful!

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  1. Just curious, I remember a post that you had said that you were waiting on another little boy about the same time as Israel. Did that fall through?