Friday, September 16, 2016

Let's Talk Surgeries

Little did we know that Mr. Israel would be having three surgeries within only nine months of being home.  That also means that we've had tons of doctor's appointments, pre-op appointments, and post-op appointments.  Needless to say, we've spent a lot of time in waiting rooms.

His first surgery was...cough cough... snipping at his manhood.  I can't say any of the words out loud, nor can I type them.  I grew up in a house of girls started my life as a mom with a girl.  But, since this wasn't taken care of in the Congo, we did it just about a month or so after he came home.  He spoke NO English.  We couldn't explain a thing to him.  That was a fun experience #saidnooneever

It was during this surgery that the doctor and anesthesiologist noticed his loud breathing/snoring.  They recommended that we get his adenoids checked out because it was abnormally loud for a three year old.  That was the beginning of surgery #2.
Joelle was such a sweet sister after all of his surgeries.  She provided lots of comfort and snuggles for Israel!
Turns out that his adenoids were REALLY large.  He snored ALL the time.  His room is upstairs and I could hear him snoring when I was downstairs.  Sharing hotel rooms was painful... he was the only one to get any sleep, ha!  In March, right after our Disney trip, he went under for the second time to get his adenoids removed.  The recovery room that time was AWFUL.  He was so out of it and so confused.  He was screaming and crying.  It took about an hour for him to come out if it.  Thankfully later that evening he was all smiles!  Because he didn't need his tonsils out, it was a pretty simple recovery!
Yesterday he had his third surgery.  This one was the most difficult for us to pull the plug on, but after constant ear infections, it just had to happen.  He came home with a ruptured eardrum and ear infection in December.  We waited it out for a while to see if it would repair itself, but after nine months we saw no progress.  Every single time we went into the ENT for a check-up or to the pediatrician for shots he would have an ear infection.  Thankfully he has never complained about his ear hurting.  

We tried really hard to keep water out of it.  He wears earplugs and a band while swimming, I wash his hair in the sink, he wears a cap or earplug while showering... I mean we try really hard.  It seems like no matter what we did, he still got those stinkin' infections!  Since we have a pool and find ourselves at the beach often, we just needed a solution.  Also, we couldn't teach him how to swim because your head goes under the water while learning.  
So, after talking to our pediatrician and ENT, we decided to try and fix his perforation.
The recovery for this one is a little more intense than the others.  He has to wear this HUGE bandage for about four days.  There's no rough-housing, playing outside, getting overheated, wrestling, running, or lots of activity.  I don't know how many three year olds you know, but it's really hard keeping them calm.  He is a pretty chill boy... likes to sit and play with cars, but he also gets a little crazy here and there.  There's already a chance that the surgery won't "stick" so we are doing all that we can to minimize the risks!
This mama is ready for a life with no more surgeries!  The Lord has been so good to us during each one.  The doctors have been wonderful, Israel has been pretty tough, and he has always made a full recovery!  Praying this one goes the same :))))

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  1. Just curious, I remember a post that you had said that you were waiting on another little boy about the same time as Israel. Did that fall through?