Thursday, September 8, 2016

Let's Rewind!

Let's rewind!  I'm going to attempt to back the truck up here and play a little catch up.  Life has been all sorts of busy since Israel came home, and blog posts just haven't made the to-do lists in quite some time.

Shortly after Israel came home we went to court to change his name.  His given name is Israel, but we changed his middle and last name.  We had to do this in order to get a social security card, passport, birth certificate, and certificate of citizenship.  It's really quite the process... lots of waiting in government offices with a toddler.  Doesn't that sound fun??? BUT, Since we travel often, it was important to us to do all of these things right away!

So here's our little family swearing in before the judge.  We decided to do this without a lawyer since we had done it before.  Jared did all of the leg work and represented our family... he felt pretty legit, ha!
 At this point Israel had only been home for a short time.  We pretty much had to tickle him to crack a smile, so in most of our pictures he is just as straight-faced as can be!
 We had our close friends and family with us at the courthouse for Israel's special day!

It definitely brought back memories of when we did the same thing with Joelle.  There's just something special about your child taking on your last name.  It almost feels as if those years of waiting are now just a blur... a distant memory.  The fact that the Lord has blessed us with two precious children that were once in desperate need of a family just blows my mind.  They are now both surrounded by oodles of people that love them so!!  I also can't help but to think about their families that are so far away now.  The love that they carried for their children as they had to walk away.  The hope they held onto that their babies would be provided for and loved.  I always say that adoption is such a beautifully broken process.  I do know that God gets all the glory for bringing our family together.  I could not have walked the road of adoption without Him by my side each and every morning while we waited for our children.  He helped me get out of bed when I didn't want to, provided distractions when I needed them most, and comforted me as I cried buckets of tears.  While those years were long and hard, I am so thankful to have walked through them because they increased my trust in the Lord.
So that was the day that we officially became a family of FOUR Lemons :)))


  1. I so enjoy reading about your life and the adventures that you go on. Your faith, family, and love for life is amazing. Your children are very lucky to have landed in your hands and have the opportunity to grow along with you.

    There is a family in my town that have wanted to adopt a young man in Ethiopia for at least 6 years. They have been on one roller coaster ride after another. Their faith keeps them on track and they haven't given up. I will share your story with them. . . maybe it will help keep them on track.
    Second In Line

  2. So special. Thank you for sharing. I always love reading your blog. I too have felt the lord bring me closer to him through trials and waiting! Praise god for adoption and his glory!