Monday, August 22, 2016

The 1st Day of School

Today was a pretty big day in the Lemons' household.

This little guy started preschool today!  He has been talking about going to school for weeks now, so he woke up and immediately wanted to get dressed in his school clothes :)))
 And Joelle is officially a 2nd Grader.  I can't even believe that my baby girl is old enough to be in 2nd grade!!!
 They were both all smiles before the day began.
 When we got to school Joelle caught a little nervous bug.  She was worried about little brother's first day of school, ha!
 Seriously though... sometimes I look at her and I see how much she's grown in such a short time.  Other times I see pictures like the one below and those chubby cheeks and innocent smile remind me of that sweet Congo baby that came home 3 1/2 years ago!!!
 At her desk ready to go!!!
Little Man also started PreSchool...
 We looked around the classroom for a little bit...
 But he was ready to sit with the other kids and start coloring!  We snuck out before he could see the tears fill my eyes, ha!  He had a really good day... with a few tears around nap time.  We are hoping for NO tears tomorrow :)))
We are so thankful for the teachers that care for our children all day.  Praying for our little loves to shine the light of Jesus to those they encounter throughout the year.

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