Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Maui Part Two!

If I'm going to be completely honest, my days are getting mixed up here!  It's this island living that's turned my brain to mush!!!

We drove to Wailuku for some of Julia's famous banana bread.  That drive is not for the faint of heart... very curvy and narrow!!  BUT... the treats and drinks she has there make it all worth it!
I mean, look at this scenery!!!  Isn't it fabulous?!
That evening we got spruced up for our luau at the Feast at Lele.
Taking pictures at sunset is always my favorite!
Both of the kids loved the dancing, music, and entertainment!  Do you notice Israel's outfit change???  He had an accident so Jared had to run to the store to get a new pair of shorts.  Needless to say, there wasn't much to choose from, ha!  That's just life with a toddler for ya!
I'm very out of order here, but one morning the kids and I went on an accidental hike in Kapalua where we are staying.  We came across the most beautiful water where turtles were swimming.  They could sit and watch the turtles all day long!!!
 The water was to die for!!!
 Wade, Jared, and Joelle also did a scuba trip that day.  I was a nervous wreck, but they came out with lots of smiles and stories to tell!  Joelle's favorite part was seeing a large starfish!!
 We took Papa back to our hiking spot in Kapalua later that evening so he could see the beautiful views.  
 I think these two would stay here forever if they could!

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