Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Joelle!

Things have been pretty quiet here on the personal blog.  We've had literally zero news to share about our two adoptions.  Things just aren't moving at all.  BUT, we have so much to celebrate still with Joelle.  She is just such a blessing in every way possible.  She's kind-hearted, sweet as pie, well-mannered, and truly a delight to be around.  Today we celebrated the birthday of this precious thing!!!
We started the morning with donuts and presents from us.  Joelle LOVES tic-tac-toe so this game was a hit!
Later on Joelle had a soccer game (that she scored 10 goals in I should add... she's a stud on the field!!).  Then we celebrated a little more with a movie at home and Chick-fil-a for dinner.

Then it was time for cake and more presents!  These two are the best of buddies!
 So thankful for this sweet girl's life!
 I mean, it doesn't get much sweeter than this!
 We kept things super simple because she chose to celebrate with friends at the circus rather than have a large birthday party.  It was difficult for me to tone it down, but I forced myself to stick to the plan, ha!
 Making wishes....
 Joelle is the kind of person who unwraps things very slowly.  She looks at it from every angle and talks about it in detail before moving on.  She always says, "I'm going to treasure this in my heart."
 Such funny expressions she has!
 Sister even got a matching bathing suit because, well, it's all in the details, folks!
And because I've been so horrible about blogging, here are some fun pictures from the circus :)
Too bad we have to wait a whole year before celebrating again!  She sure does make life fun :)))


  1. Happy 6th Birthday to Joelle!! The circus looked like so much fun! And, I loved her birthday sign for your at home celebrations.

  2. Hope she had a great birthday party with lots of great birthday gifts. My all wishes are with her with lots of love!! Her birthday party event venue Chicago looks awesome and food section is looking amazingly delicious. I like your great party ideas.