Saturday, July 4, 2015

Joelle's Bedroom

When I first posted pictures of Joelle's room in July of 2012, I thought she was coming home just a few months after rushing to put her room together!  Little did we know that God had a different plan, and it would be 8 months until little Miss made her debut!  Since coming home she has grown up quite a bit and we have moved houses!  While her room still has the same feel and most of the same decorations in place, I thought I'd give a little update!

Her room is quite a bit larger in our new house.  If she actually played with toys while she was upstairs, she would have plenty of room, ha!
 Her bedding and decor here is all the same.  We just added a quilt that we had made with fabrics that we bought in the Congo while picking her up.  I also added a fabric banner that I made for her 4th birthday :)  Oh, and she needed a little table so that we could house her alarm... sister wakes up every school morning with her alarm!  I don't even have to go upstairs to make sure she is up!!  My plan is to paint this little table, but that hasn't happened yet!
 I added a little hanging display that I found on a while back.  All of those prints were free finds from several different blogs!  You can find those HERE and HERE
 We found that turquoise dresser at First Monday in Canton.  It matched her other little wardrobe perfectly and didn't even need to be painted!  She has a bathroom and closet attached to her bedroom... it's quite the space up there.
 This little wardrobe is still one of my favorite pieces, although now it has a more practical use than before.  Jared originally made it with the intent of housing dress-up items, but Joelle grew out of that phase pretty quickly.  Now we use it for skirts, headbands, hats, etc!  The Sunshine decor is from Linen and Lace!
 I bought quite a few things from Hobby Lobby and Home Goods for her new room.  And, of course, every little girl needs a place for her picture with Cinderella :)
 Joelle really does love her space even though she doesn't spend just a ton of time in her room.  She sleeps and reads in there, but would prefer to be downstairs for most of the day.  It's definitely nice to have all of the kid stuff upstairs when she has her friends over to play!  The majority of her toys stay in her playroom.  So that helps keep things nice and clean in her bedroom :)
While I did pick up the space so that I could take pictures of it, Joelle does a really good job of keeping it clean.  I don't expect it to be perfect all of the time, but I do want to raise her so that when she has her own place she will take pride in it.  I don't take the fact that I'm raising a future-mommy and wife lightly.  Sometimes it would be so much faster for me to clean things up and put them away, but if I don't teach her how to do those things, then who will??!!  Now, her closet... that's another story, ha!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Life Lately.

It has been a slow couple of months over in our adoption world.  Progress is being made but it is S-L-O-W and *kind of* steady.  If I'm just going to be honest, I try not to dwell on it too much. Dwelling leads to worrying... worrying leads to sadness... sadness leads to tears... and ain't nobody got time to cry in the summer!  People often say, "I don't know how you do it!  How can you be so patient??"  Well, folks, the one and only reason we are able to make it day-to-day without any major meltdowns (coming from me, of course) is by the grace of God.  He provides us with comfort and peace that we could definitely not get from anyone or anywhere else.  He led us to our adoption journey, so who are we to NOT trust Him??!!  I'm not saying it is easy, but when the days get hard, and the wait gets long, it brings so much peace to know that my Heavenly Father can see my two boys, He can meet their needs, and He cares about them.

He also provides unexpected blessings... today we found out that "I" (our littlest) is 33 inches tall and weighs 28 pounds.  We got brand-spankin' new pictures of him.  He's being well taken care of, loved on, and nurtured by one of the sweetest foster families.  Bless their hearts... they probably get to listen to this annoying car we gave him no less than 100 times a day!!!  
We may not have gotten the BIG adoption news that we had hoped for today, but God continues to give us His peace.
And, don't you worry, as soon as I can blow up social media, the blogosphere, and the world with pictures of my little ones... I will be all over it!