Saturday, November 1, 2014


I'm not a big fan of Halloween.  I like pumpkins, cute costumes, and candy, but I could really do without all of the scary stuff.  But, I have a little girl who is really into all things "scoopy" (otherwise known as spooky!).  She loves to scream, squeal, and run away frightened.  I think she just likes the drama of it all, ha!  So, celebrate is what we do!

She held onto the desire to be Batgirl for Halloween for an entire year.  Her best little friend from preschool was Batgirl last year, and although she had a few other costume ideas, like being a stop sign, she pretty much held onto the thought of batgirl for 365 days! 
 She literally has no clue who Batman is, but somehow he is her favorite!
I am pretty certain she is the cutest little Batgirl around!  I ordered her costume from (this) shop.  We had trunk-or-treat at our church on Wednesday night...
On Halloween night we trick-or-treated with one of her best little friends... the one and only Peppa Pig!

And, she also rocked a Crazy Hair day at school for Red Ribbon Week.
It was a fun and busy week!  As a teacher, I'm so thankful it's over.  The next two holidays are our favorite... after all... we do get time off from school and that makes them the best!!!

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