Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Stingrays!

Ohhhh, St. John... the island of our stingray snorkel.  I am terrified of stingrays.  Jared and I snorkeled with them years ago and I ended up wrapping my arms/legs around a man who was happily married to a woman that wasn't so impressed with me using her man as means to get away from the stingrays.  But, I was game for trying it again... I mean, I'm older, calmer, wiser, right?!

We started our morning with a little shopping, because shopping always calms the nerves!
Joelle always insists on taking pictures :)
Then it was time to wait for our excursion to take off...
They actually have an amazing excursion for swimming with the stingrays in St. John.  They aren't caged in (which is scary in and of itself!).  These little boats pull up to a sandbar that is out in the middle of the ocean.  It was beautiful!
There we are... all kinds of in the middle of the ocean with tons of stingrays swimming around!
At first I was holding Joelle...
We quickly found out that Joelle and I were both too jittery to be together!
Joelle, "I'm NOT touching that thing!  It will KILL ME!"
This is how we made our way around the sandbar... attached to Jared.  We were literally hanging onto him for dear life!
I mean, these things are HUGE!
I decided that if I braved a stingray picture solo then I would reward myself with some new sunglasses.  I just needed a little motivation :))
Joelle couldn't hold one by herself so we had a stingray slither up her back... so funny!
At least we got a smile out of her while this was going on!  She was terrified!
I don't know if Joelle and I have converted to stingray lovers, but it was an experience I'll never forget!

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  1. thanks for sharing the super sweet family photos! Your daughter is absolutely adorable! I found your blog through your 2nd gr. blog, thanks for sharing the math facts strategy posters, that is so generous of you! God bless you and your lovely family always,