Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mud Baths!

St. Lucia is all kinds of gorgeous.  It is very mountainous with a crystal clear ocean at the base of the green hills.  When we went a few years ago Jared and I zip-lined through the rainforest.  This time we decided to rent a dune buggy and ride around those curvy roads...
That led us to a mud bath??!!  Apparently it is good for your skin... someone said it takes 10 years off so I jumped right in ;)
Joelle couldn't have been more excited about this one!  She is such a girly girl with her cute clothes and babies, but she also loves to get dirty!!  Give her a mud bath and you've about made her world :)
As if sitting in dirty water wasn't fun enough we scrubbed mud all over us.  Joelle didn't want to leave any skin untouched!
So messy.  So slimy.  And I still look 29... sigh.
After the mud bath we washed off in a waterfall that was nearby.  Talk about going from hot, hot water to freezing cold... oh my!
She had to be pushed in a little, but once she felt it she didn't want to get out!
I don't know that I would do the mud bath again, BUT I would ride around St. Lucia any and everyday if I could!  I'm not gonna lie... it was a rainy morning, and I was a whiny one.  Once the sun came out, I was good to go!  It is really hard to be positive when you are getting pelted by rain in a dune buggy!
I'm not real sure if that's St. Lucia in the background or not.  The nights are running together and I can't pair our days/nights together very well!  Either way, here are some pictures from one of our nights on the ship!
After looking at it I *think* this may be St. John :)


  1. So funny I was in St. Lucia on my honeymoon and the exact day you posted on FB about being there we were at the mud baths/springs as well! Man I would have loved to have met you and been that creepy blog stalker! Haha!!!

  2. I was there (at the mud baths) for my honeymoon about a week before you were :) It was definitely a one of a kind experience and I am DYING to go back to St. Lucia!