Saturday, August 2, 2014


Vacation has come and gone once again, and it's time to get back to reality.  One of the fun parts of vacation is reliving it through our pictures.  I'm going to start at our last port from the Cruise... Barbados, because it was definitely a family favorite!  Jared's certain that he could pastor a church down there and own a tour boat on the side.  I'm just not so sure about all of that!

During our time in Barbados we enjoyed snorkeling with the turtles, seeing a sunken ship, a good amount of beach time, and a deliciously yummy chocolate shake (that was my all-time favorite part of vacation... is that sad?!)

 If you know us at all, you know how much we love sea turtles.  We just can't get enough!

 Unlike in Hawaii, we could actually touch the turtle's shells in Barbados.  That was super fun for Joelle!

 And Jared!
 They would swim right up to our faces.... kinda creepy, but so cool!
 We are pretty sure this guy thought Joelle's toes were food... he was going straight for them, ha!

 Everyone on our tour was amazed at how fearless Joelle was.  She's so comfortable in the water (with or without a life jacket) and didn't complain once!  The water was so calm and beautiful that we could have kept swimming all day long!  We definitely made memories that will last a lifetime, but I sure hoe


  1. Those are awesome pictures! Did you use an underwater camera?

  2. Oh my goodness; I just read through all of your vacation posts and this makes me want to do a cruise so much more! My daughter is around Joelle's age I believe (in kindergarten this year) and I've always wondered what it would be like to cruise with an only child. It looks like there is plenty of stuff to do as a family! Would you mind sharing what cruise you did? This looks right up our alley!