Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Fishermen!

When I married Jared it was very clear that he was a resort vacationer... golfing, nice hotels, steak dinners, etc.  He had never really been camping, hunting, or fishing.  And, quite frankly, I was good with that.  I'm up for being pampered or relaxing at any time.  No complaints here!

Well, last week Jared randomly went fishing.  Some of our high school boys are quite the fishermen, so he was trying to get in their element.  Boy bonding time I guess.

And then he was hooked {pun most definitely intended}.  Joelle pretty much loves anything and everything.  She isn't hard to please or entertain.  But, fishing is especially fun for her because it is something she's been around all of her life.  She grew up in a fishing town, and has been eating the slimy creatures for years.  So, really the fishing thing is a win/win for all!

It took a few fishing trips to be successful, but you can hardly stop the duo now!  They caught between 8-10 fish just tonight!

 Every time they reel one in it's like a party in the paddle boat!
 I took part in the action tonight and caught one for myself :)  Normally I just watch or take in the nice scenery, but it was fun to reel that sucker in!

 This was her first true catch so a kiss was a necessity :)
 So, I'd say I have a pretty cute little fisherman on my hands!  Here's to new ventures... livin' the country life ;)  We will still be sleeping in nice hotels, but our fishing poles may make the packing list from now on!


  1. I love everything about this, Amy. She's definitely in her element!

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