Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Peek at the Playroom!

Jared and I absolutely loved our previous home.  We thought we would never move.  We actually had several conversations about that being the house that we would grow old in.  We had done a little remodeling... the floors, paint, backyard, lighting fixtures, etc.  The only thing we had left to do was remodel our master bathroom... then it would have been the home we had always wanted.  Well, we realized quickly that any money we spent would just be for our pure pleasure because we would never get that money back if we ever needed to sell.  So, before ripping our bathroom to shreds, we randomly started looking at houses.  We would go back and forth about whether to stay or sell.  This went on for a few months until I randomly came across a house for sale in a neighborhood nearby.  As soon as we walked in I fell in love...truly, madly, deeply in love.  It had the extra space we were looking for, a larger backyard, a few upgrades, and a playroom that was tucked upstairs.  Now, I love my daughter, and I really want her to play with toys... like really bad.  But, I despise having toys in my living room.  Call me no fun and a bad mom... I'm okay with that!  I'm a bit of a control freak, but I'm fully well aware!

My imagination started to go wild with ideas for the playroom.  It's a room where you can do fun and whimsy and pretty much anything goes.  You can use bright colors and crazy patterns because... it's a playroom!  That was the very first room that I tackled, but the very last to "complete" {I put that in quotations because I'm more than likely not finished ;)}.  I actually just finished adding a few touches tonight!

Now, I'm no interior designer, and I don't claim to have mad-decorating skills, but I did have fun with this room, so I thought I'd give ya a little tour!

When you walk upstairs this is the room that really grounds the other rooms.  It's the anchor, and I love that!  The media room and all spare bedrooms are off of this room.  It's large and perfect for playing, wrestling, working out, or reading a good book!

We had all of the furniture in other rooms at our previous home.  Bringing all of our black pieces together in the playroom really helped us save a lot of money!

This cube storage unit came from Ikea years ago, but I'm sure they still have them.  The white bins are from Ikea also, and they hold a lot of Joelle's toys.  I put a bunch of colorful frames, small stuffed animals, and a few toys in the empty cubes for display.  The colorful, chunky frames are from Hobby Lobby.
I had this daybed in one of our guest rooms in our last house.  Since our family is growing and we need beds for our kiddos, I knew we wouldn't need this as a bed.  But, I just couldn't get rid of it and then spend tons on a couch for the playroom.  So, I decided to try and make it look more couch-like.  The daybed is from Pier One (here's one that is similar) and all of the bedding, pillows, and wall art is from Ikea.
Ikea is definitely the place to shop if you want your dollar to go far!
My favorite two elements in this room... the curtains from Urban Outfitters and teepee from Land of Nod.  I had been eyeing these curtains for a couple of years.  Originally I wanted them for Joelle's room, but they were a little too busy.  But, the playroom was the perfect place for those jewels!

There is an area in the playroom that is tucked away and kind of separate from the rest of the space.  I put these chairs that we bought from Garden Ridge years ago, and they fit perfectly!  
So, there you have it... that's our playroom.  And, if I'm being quite honest... although it's my favorite room in the house, it is used the least right now.  I'm really working on Joelle playing up there more, and looking forward to the day when little brother comes so they can entertain each other!!!
Oh, and you may have spied this quilt in the pictures.  Jared had this made for my birthday.  He gathered my old cheerleading uniforms and had them made into a quilt.  It was such a thoughtful gift (Jared's a keeper, that's for sure!).  I plan to hang in on one of the walls in the playroom soon!  Sewful Creations did a perfect job, and I adore it!


  1. What a precious room! The curtains and teepee are definitely my favorite too. Great job!

  2. Absolutely adorable! Our upstairs play room is empty and I know it'll be my next project once baby comes :)

  3. This is amazing!!!!


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  5. I'm just so impressed with all that you do for your family and your students. BTW, Joelle is the cutest kid I've ever seen and one of the best dressed. I can't wait to see all that you will be doing with her hair. I applaud you.

  6. I LOVE this playroom! So adorable- the black and white with all of the colorful accents are just perfect together!

  7. Will you come decorate our playroom?!?! ;) Seriously!

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