Saturday, March 15, 2014

What Joelle Wore :)

Let's talk about what's important... Joelle's Disney wardrobe.

Did I go overboard.

Probably so.

Some (particularly a man named Jared Lemons) may say I have a shopping problem.  

I like to think of it more as a hobby than as a problem. 

And, I love a theme.  I love a holiday shirt, a party theme, any reason to buy a new outfit pretty much.  So, why should going to Disney be any different??  Let's break it down.

First up... the outfits from Bella Grace Creations.  I bought the Tinkerbell outfit and Cinderella shirt.  They also have tons of other cute stuff!!
I also had new jammies every night for Joelle... she's going up in a size so she needed new pajamas anyways.  I bought all of them on clearance through the Disney Store.


Joelle has tons of princess dress-up clothes.  We could have easily slipped those on to take pictures, but I didn't want to carry them around with us (Joelle walked though the parks, we didn't use a stroller).  AND, it was hot during the day... who wants a whiny kid that is itchy and hot... not me!!  So, I found these PERFECT princess shirts that had just the right embellishments and the comfort for a hot day.  They are basically jazzed up t-shirts.  I *kinda* wish I had bought all of the ones she has in her shop!  They are from an Etsy shop called The Female Touch.
  I can't even tell you how many compliments we got on these shirts.  Jo got stopped by random strangers who played along like she was an actual princess.  It was such a hoot!
 To make things a little more special and magical, I kept all of these outfits a surprise.   She woke up to her outfit and sometimes a little present.  I bought a few goodies beforehand because I knew the toys at Disney would be pricey.  In effort to save a little money, I planned ahead as much as possible!
 Do you Zulilly??  I have a thing for daily deals... like I can't get enough.  I feel the NEED to buy them immediately because they are for a limited time only (ha!!).  I think they market people like me.  I bought Joelle several little Disney t-shirts on the cheap plus this super cute shirt from Bourbon Street Boutique.
 For our final night Joelle wore this very fun dress from Chloe Belle's Closet.  She's my go-to Etsy designer.  I just love her style and all of the personal touches.
And all of her bows came from One Stop Bow Shop.  I will more than likely never make a bow again because I am in LOVE with her bows.  They are such great quality and she has so many options!

I think that about covers it!  She'll let me dress her when she's a teenager, right?!!


  1. She looked absolutely adorable! I bet she had a blast!

  2. Simply and absolutely adorable! I just LOVE all the pictures of Joelle. She's absolutely precious. It looks like she had a fabulous time!
    Southern Fried Teachin’

  3. I started reading your 2nd grade blog and I then moved to this one.
    I am also a mom of two, we adopted them from Colombia. I try to keep a blog, but I am not that constant
    I hope you get to hold your son in your arms soon, I know the longing.