Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dining with the Characters

When we decided to go to Disney, we had a lot of catching up to do with Joelle in terms of exposing her to Disney movies.  For the past couple of weeks we've been pretty much doing a Disney marathon.  We agreed that everything would make a little more sense if she knew who all the characters were when we saw them.  I mean, if you are going to go to Disney- you might as well understand what's going on!  So, we scoured online shops for every movie we could get our hands on (don't even get me started on how hard it is to purchase movies because of the dadgum Disney vault). 

The hours of movie watching SO paid off... she was in awe every time we came across someone new.  She was pretty much starstruck :)  We especially had fun dining with several of our favorites!  

Lunch in Cinderella's castle was so special.  Everywhere we looked we saw a new princess.  The food was pretty yummy, too!
Breakfast with the Disney Junior characters was a blast also!  We just adore Doc McStuffins, so we all had a great time there :)
 We saved meeting Mickey for our very last night.  Joelle was starting to wonder where he was and why she hadn't taken a picture with him yet!!  It was so fun to surprise her... and the kiss on his nose says it all!
If you go to Disney you just have to do at least one special meal!  Totally worth the money seeing the look on Joelle's face!!


  1. So many sweet moments with your little one!

  2. Hi Amy. I knew my eyes weren't deceiving me. We were actually at Disney at the same time. I saw you holding you daughter at the bus stop at downtown Disney as my daughter and I were passing by. I have used some of your resources in my class so that's how I was able to recognize you. Hope you all had fun. I know we did. Planning to go back again for the summer.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your pictures. Joelle is such a beauty. My favorite is the picture of her and Ariel, I love the hug! I'm so happy you told me about the Etsy shop w/ princess shirts. We are planning our first family trip to Disney in August and although my 4yr old is OBSESSED with princesses, I don't think a princess dress will be comfortable for the whole day. We are also going for lunch at the Castle, Hollywood and Vine, and Chef Mickey. We are big Disney Jr. fans as well. Hope our trip goes as well as yours! Thanks for sharing the tips.
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