Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Little Angel

Who knew having a preschooler would be so much fun?!  Joelle's teacher throws quite the party, and always gives the parents special moments that make the best memories!  Joelle's Christmas party was today, and they started with a sweet little performance of the first Christmas.  Our little angel just happened to play the angel.  This sweet girl does not meet a stranger and is also not shy in front of a crowd.  She had several lines, and she nailed them all!!  You would seriously never know that she has only been here for 10 months... the other parents were just sure she has been here much longer :)
 I'm almost done bragging, but seriously... look how sweet she is!
 After their little play they sang Christmas carols.
 Joelle adds motions, of course!
 After that it was time for family can see how well that went
 FINALLY!  This one's a keeper!
 We ate lots of food and had fun playing with our friends also!
 And now we are at home for 2 weeks for some family Christmas fun!  Can't wait to make more precious memories with Joelle during her VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS!  Oh, and I'll be able to blog a lot more :)
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


  1. Love all the memories you're making!

  2. She is definitely the cutest angel I've ever seen. Merry Christmas! Hope you have the best Christmas ever!!

    good enough teacher

  3. Beautiful! Have a great Christmas!!

  4. Cutest little family!! Merry Christmas!