Thursday, October 31, 2013

The First Halloween

Well, Halloween has come and gone.  It most definitely felt like a whirlwind of a week!  Our little family loves Doc McStuffins, so we were very excited when Joelle chose that as her costume!  It's a cutie patootie Disney Jr. show about a little girl who fixes all of the broken toys.  I decided to put her costume together by just purchasing pieces of clothing that resembled the Doc.  She will be able re-wear all of it... which is pretty handy since we are growing out of clothes left and right!

Our first stop was Wednesday night at our church's trail of treats.

 Joelle's very first candy stop EVER!  You have to document these moments :)

 Her first bucket of Halloween candy!
 She has yet to eat a piece of candy, BUT she is obsessed with these vampire teeth.  
 Our next Halloween stop was at her preschool's Halloween party.  Let's just say... she consumed the majority of that food, well all but the cupcakes that WE made together!
 Happy as can be!
 At the last minute we decided that we just HAD to carve a pumpkin.  
 The initial reaction...
 She got used to it pretty quick and wouldn't stop digging around!
We ended the night trick-or-treating like a champ!  I'd say her first Halloween was a success!  If only I could get a good 24 hours of sleep to make up for the craziness that this week has been!


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  2. It looks like you guys had a great time! So exciting this was your first Halloween as a family!

  3. nice pictures and nice post also.....surely i ll visit in future....