Sunday, August 11, 2013

Conquering Hair Styling

Today marks the 6th month anniversary of our arrival in the good ole' USA with Joelle.  Most days it seems like it's been much longer...Joelle is doing so well.  It's impossible to explain how blessed we have been by the Lord over the past 6 months!  Thanks to all of you for the prayers and support!

We wanted to drop in and let everyone in the adoption world know about a pretty amazing deal we found.  We have been growing Joelle's hair out for 6 months and it's really getting pretty long.  Jared loves the fro and we have begun to master that hair style.  However, Joelle really wants braids!  We've heard horror stories about how we'll fail over and over again if we don't go to the beauty salon.  Her hair isn't quite long enough to braid big, but some friends of ours from Utah, that adopted from the same orphanage as us, introduced us to a product called Nudred.  It's a hair locking helper, and pretty easy if you ask me!

Click {HERE} to go Nudred!

Last night we tried it for the first took us about 1 minute to lock Joelle's hair into small dreds, or as she calls them, braids.  They have tons of products that are really good for the hair...above are the ones we are trying out right now.  As one parent to another...try them out!

These are the before and after shots....we aren't quite pros at this yet, but the girl got the style she wanted and we did it in 1 minute!


We'd all three encourage everyone to check out Nudred....they saved us quite a bit of time, money, and a trip to the beauty salon!  If you are in the process of adoption or already have a child home, you either know or soon will, that hair styling is a little different.  It's a pretty fun adventure for everyone....good luck on your new adventures!


  1. WOW I just thought of you and your family this morning as I was watching a talk show. They were discussing the joys and challenges that face families of mixed race adoptions and one of the things they were talking about was doing little girls hair. I remember spending MANY mornings on the floor resting on my moms knees as she got my hair ready for the day. Even though I hated the pulling and the tugging at the time, I look back now and remember those as some of my favorite childhood memories. Enjoy and cherish these precious moments with your daughter. Continued blessings,
    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

    PS I think Joelle's hair looks ADORABLE!!!!

  2. How adorable! I had wondered what you were going to do with her hair. She's as cute as a button with it super short, but some girls or parents like to grow it out. She is still as cute as ever and how fun to be able to do something more with her hair. I'm loving reading your joys of this adoption. You give me strength.
    Second In Line

  3. Oh my... I just love her smile!! Gets me every time! :)

  4. I love it! She is a beautiful little one!

    1. Yes she is beautiful. If she has long hair she can use hair styler and can experiment best hair style.

  5. She is so beautiful!
    I am so happy for you both. What a wonderful child and a wonderful blessing.
    Some tips about black hair ... I'm sure you've already had plenty : )

    My two cents is no chemicals until she is much older. Many people will tell you it's easier and more manageable, and it is ... but it causes permanent damage to the scalp and hair follicles. Also braids with fake hair attached does that too (see supermodel Naomi Campbell). And pressing with hot comb burns the scalp.
    This is not so good when girls are young.
    Trust me on this. I BEGGED my mother for a relaxer and she finally relented and let me have my hair pressed with a hot comb when I was 14 and then a relaxer when I was 15. My hair thinned more and more each time I got a "touch up". Learned my lesson, but still had healthy hair when it grew back, because my mother really protected my hair and scalp when I was young so it COULD grow back.
    Basically she set it up so I would have options when I was old enough, and figured out that I didn't want to spend so much money!
    I press my hair all the time now (for free) and it is thick and healthy.

    God bless you both. Seeing your family made my day : )

  6. Thanks for posting this! We have 2 daughters newly home that have hair about the same length. We love rocking the headbands, but I am at a loss of what else to do. I am going to order this and try it out!

  7. Hi Amy, I cannot figure out how to e-mail you instead of writing on your wall but I am a fan of your page and blogs! Kim Adsit introduced me to your personal blog after a seminar she did at my preschool. I have been so touched by your testimony of God's amazing grace in your life! I am curious to know what adoption agency you went through or one your recommend?

  8. great post i am using this Hair Styling from last few months i never face any kind of problem from the date of the purchase it

  9. I love your story. I am student teaching second grade now. Wow, such a blessing. Sweet Joelle. Her little headbands and afro are sooooo cute. Her smile is contagious. I am biracial, black and white. I have super super curly hair. One thing that can really help with Joelle is keeping her hair super super moisturized. As I am leaning more towards my natural curls and less straightening, I have found that Carol's Daughter products help alot with managing. They even have a kids line. It is all natural and well worth the money. Give it a try. You can try samples at Sephora.

    God Bless you guys. Such a sweet family.