Saturday, July 20, 2013

Turtle Encounters

We just finished our 3rd day at the beach here in Hawaii, and I can't even believe how many turtles we have seen.  When we first came 2 years ago, Jared and I paid to go on a snorkeling trip where we saw ZERO turtles.  It wasn't until Jared started exploring and asking that we actually found turtles right off of the local beaches that you just drive to!  So, no more paying hundreds of dollars for snorkeling tours in Hawaii for us... I have my very own built in Hawaiian tour guide and his name is Jared Lemons.

Anyways, every afternoon we can walk out of our backdoor to these black rocks.  There are tons of turtles eating in that area.  Incredible!

 We actually didn't see any turtles in this spot, but Joelle sure looked cute!
 Our little snorkeling crew...
 And the turtles... oh how we love the turtles!!!

 We don't know about all of this, but Joelle thought it was cool!  A very nice and experienced scuba-man brought this to us and said it was safe to touch.  We just trusted him and Joelle isn't hurt, so all is well :)
 Jared likes to get up close and personal with the turtles...

 We found a spot today where the turtles were swimming ALL OVER THE PLACE!  There were literally dozens of them right off of the shore.  

 This picture is one of my favorites because it shows just how large these guys actually are!  
We still have quite a few days left here, but I'll try not to bore you with the hundreds of turtle pictures that we take over the next week.  And, I will continue to remain BEHIND the camera because I'm not all about swimsuit pictures of myself!


  1. You will not bore me with these pictures. I have never been to Hawaii and to see pictures of anything there is a thrill for me! So thank you! I love watching your relationship with Joelle. It is clear that she trusts you and loves being in your family. I am glad that you are able to get away to a fun place this summer. Keep the pictures coming!

  2. Hi Amy,

    Do you mind sharing with me where you were that you found the turtles right by the shore in these pictures? My family happens to be vacationing in Maui right now as well and we would love to get this close to turtles.

    I have been following your teaching blog for about a year and a half and think you are amazing. (I own almost all of your TPT units!!) My ten year old daughter, Ella, and I have been following your personal blog since Joelle became part of your family. We love hearing about your life with her and Ella thinks she is the most wonderful thing ever!

    Thank you!!!
    Jenna Weinert

  3. Your pictures are beautiful!! So cool to see so many turtles, all I can think of is Crush from Finding Nemo : )


  4. Awesome pictures!! Must say that I am a little jealous!! Looks like you are having a great vacation! Enjoy!