Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sunsets, Turtles, Villages, and more!

I'm a little behind, so I'm going to squeeze the past couple of days into this post!  This is why I blog while on vacation because I have a fear of getting too far behind and not being able to catch-up!  So, while Miss Joelle is sleeping right next to me, I will quickly talk about what we've been up to in Maui!

On Tuesday night we ate at the Hula Grill in Lahaina!  
 And we watched a beautiful sunset...

We woke up on Wednesday morning and decided to head towards a little village of about 100 people.  The drive was scary as all get out for me... I may have car anxiety, but Jared always seems to pull through for us :)  Once we got to Old Kahakuloa Village we bought some freshly baked banana bread, yummy pineapple (from a very good salesman I might add... seriously this guy was singing and dancing in the road.  That's worth a lot of money in my book!)  and mango chips!  It was really neat to see a group of people that live a very simple life in the middle of such a gorgeous area.  


 I love seeing churches in different parts of the country/world and this one was no let-down!  Love the structure!

 Heading back towards our condo...
 This is the view that just overlooks their little village.  Can you imagine living somewhere so remote and beautiful?!
 We stopped on the way back to see Honolua Bay from above.  This is where we like to snorkel AND where we saw a shark a few days ago!
After a full morning of fun, we came back to the condo to swim in the pool and watch the turtles, of course!
 And, because I just can't NOT show you...  here are the turtles that we watched over and over again!  We just can't get enough!

After a busy day, we sure were hungry so we headed to Aloha Mixed Plate!

 Joelle loves walking around downtown Lahaina, so that was our next stop after dinner!
 And, I must say she is really getting good at taking pictures of us!
 Who can end such a fun day without shaved ice?!  Not us!
 And, we could watch a Maui sunset everyday for the rest of our lives!

 Now to interrupt the sunset with our very own hula dancer :)
 Such a busy, fun, and beautiful day here in Hawaii!  Do we really have to go home so soon?!!!


  1. What a beautiful trip. If you have time, head to "The Gazebo" for breakfast at Napili Shores. It is so worth the usual 20 minute wait. The best macadamia nut pancakes and make sure to order a 1/2 plate of fried rice. It's amazing. Ask the locals. Enjoy the rest of your time.

    Ms. Hutten’s Buttons

  2. I thought your drive to the airport in Kinshasa would prepared you for any treacherous driving. hahahahaha

  3. Such a beautiful trip!

    Your sweet family is such an inspiration.


    Flamingos and Butterflies

  4. Beautiful pictures :-) And beautiful people in them I might add. Joelle is getting so big and her smile just melts my heart. I am taking travel notes because I want to go to Hawaii.

    Tessy from Divine Moments

  5. I found your family blog through your 2nd grade blog (which I LOVE and get lots of inspiration from for my own 2nd grade class). Joelle is an absolute doll and looks like she is so full of personality. Your family gives me hope an courage to look into adoption. My husband and I have been struggling with unexplained infertility for the past 4 years. We're not quite ready to seriously consider adoption, but we may be getting there. Your sweet family pictures bring tears to my eyes...I can feel the love and happiness! :)