Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Driving up to Haleakala is one of our favorite things to do in Hawaii.  This year, we just could NOT wait to show Joelle some more of God's beauty on the top of Haleakala.  After about an hour of driving up the mountain, it started to rain and there were tons of cars driving DOWN the mountain, which never happens unless the visibility is poor.  At that point we knew watching the sunset from the top was just not going to be possible, so we stopped a little further down, away from the rain and fog to catch just a glimpse of the sun setting.  Was it what we had hoped for?  No!  BUT, it was still absolutely breathtaking!  It has also jumpstarted a lot of conversations about how BIG our God is and how beautiful HIS creation is!  On the way home, we had a great talk about how God spoke, and all of these things were made :)  Here are the pictures we got... we may not be at the top of the mountain, but this year we have a lovely little addition to our pictures and her name is Joelle!!!

 And, we shall end with a silly one!!!
Here are some pictures from the past 2 years when we were able to watch the sunset from the very top! 

I'd say our God is good!!!


  1. The family fun faces are too cute!!!!

  2. Beautiful!! I love how you are teaching Joelle how GREAT our God is!!! What a precious family you have!

  3. Your family is just beautiful! I've popped in and out in your blog - I guess I never became a follower before, not sure why?! Probably reading your blog too much and forgot! I love you family and Joelle is just gorgeous! You can see she adores you and she is bonding with you and showing you so much love! Congrats! You are an inspiration!!