Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Children's Museum

Oops!  I have had this blog post in "draft" mode since we got back from Utah.  After a few days of getting caught up on sleep we are trying to get into some sort of routine around here!  Thankfully our routine does involve sleeping until 9-9:30 in the morning... I mean how lucky are we?!  We have a 3 year old that sleeps until WE want to wake up... I don't think it gets much better than that!  Now, if I could only make myself go to bed when she does around 8:45, I'd be feeling great!  It actually does work out well for Jared and I since we aren't getting babysitters for Joelle just yet.  We may not have date nights like we once did, BUT we do get about 2 hours of adult time after the little one goes to bed each night.  Recently we've been getting caught up on shows like America's Got Talent and Motive.  We've come to find out that our lives are a little boring after Joelle goes to bed, ha!  

Oh my! It's 10:15 am and I haven't fed my daughter breakfast.  I should probably get on that STAT!  I'll leave you with some pictures of Joelle exploring the Children's Museum in Utah. 

This was her favorite part... the kitchen!  She decided that she wants a full kitchen built into her bedroom.  A girl can dream, right?!

We didn't make it up very far on the rock-climbing wall.  Not her cup of tea!

With much hesitation, she did actually get into the helicopter.  She did give it a good walk-around to make sure it was bolted to the ground.  Poor thing did not want the helicopter to take off with her in it!


  1. Cutie! P has that dress but in coral! Gotta love Old Navy!

  2. how fun! It's sad that I live right here in Utah and I've never been to the children's museum! Guess I need to borrow my cousin's kids and take them on an adventure! Looks like you had fun :)