Friday, May 31, 2013

Our little singer!

Can you believe it?!  Two posts right in a row... you would think they things have slowed down or we have all this extra time on our hands!  Sadly, that's not the case, BUT we are so super proud of our little girl that we just have to share!

Joelle has been going to school for about 2 months now.  When we decided to enroll her in preschool before we ever met her, we really had no idea how it would go.  Would I need to stay home for the rest of the school year?  Should we figure out a different plan?  Needless to say, it has truly been the best decision for our family.  Joelle's vocabulary has BLOSSOMED and she has literally zero to do with the 2 languages she spoke prior to coming home (not that we want her to forget her roots, or drop her language, but it's just truly amazing to see her THIRD language develop!).  She absolutely loves her friends at school, and enjoys getting to play with them everyday.  We are just really proud parents right now!  We are more than thankful that God led us to a preschool where she is thriving :)

So, that leads me to tonight... Preschool Graduation!  No, Joelle didn't graduate tonight, BUT she did have her very first little solo.  I was smiling from ear to ear watching her (as I was on my knees, crawling up close to her so I could get some pictures...yes, I'm THAT mom)

She really does have a beautiful little voice that the Lord has blessed her with!  Everyone kept saying... Man, she sure does sing well!!  She also knows how to ham it up for the camera :)
 And, she had her first daddy-daughter dance.  When she came to grab Jared I couldn't help my giggle inside.  This guy does not dance.  But, who could resist that little face?!  Not her Papa!
 Taking the lead and making faces :)

And, then it was time for her to dance with friends...
 Which really led to her dancing solo.  Pretty sure this girl could win a dance-off competition without even trying!

All in all, I'm super proud of how well-behaved she is, how her personality is developing, the friendships she has made, and how comfortable she is with our routine.  It works for us, but most importantly it works for Joelle!  And I sure do LOVE that embrace I get everyday when I go pick her up at 3:20 :)
 And, I'm going to soak up every moment I have until next year's graduation!  I'm just as thankful for another year of preschool!  You can bet that I'll be crawling up to the front row to take pictures again in 2014!  

 From our family to yours... Happy End of the School Year!  (We are just going to ignore that we still have a week left of school, ha!)


  1. What a sweet day for your family! She is absolutely precious, what a joy that she is thriving!

  2. What precious photos of your family!! Joelle certainly looks like a superstar!! Happy end of school year for you (we don't end until the 21st here)!