Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jesus, Only Jesus

Wow....this blog has been pretty quiet lately, which (for your own info) does not reflect our current life!  We are parents...we love it so much....and our 3 yr old is rarely quiet, still, or calm!  What a blessing though!  We joked a few weeks ago that our agency played a huge trick on us because every picture we had seen of Joelle, up until we arrived in Africa, portrayed an innocent/quiet little girl that we thought may never even talk to us.  Joke was on us!  And we wouldn't have it any other way!

So we've had a busy schedule for the past few months.  And I imagine that won't change much in the next, you know, 15 years!  This past week we took our first family road trip to go finalize Joelle's birth certificate.  We had some mix-ups with the court so we spontaneously traveled to Austin for a really quick trip.  All of this was to help ensure Joelle could get her passport in time to travel with us on a mission trip this Summer.....we're crazy, right?

But I wanted to take a moment to ask you to pray for our little family.  We have a really great opportunity to travel to Honduras this Summer to do some mission work as a family, and we are extremely excited about it!  Our friends, Mark and Michelle Fittz have an amazing ministry there!  Check them out:  One thing we decided before we were ever even placed with Joelle was that we wanted our family to follow Christ together...wherever that landed us.  I'm sure a quick look at the Fittz family will show you why we are so excited.  We get the chance to work with a large group of underprivileged kids for a week.

Can I add a quick advertisement?  No, we don't need money for our trip.  But the Fittz family has a great opportunity to reach these kids for Christ.  Over the past few weeks they have been given a playground unit to use with these kids...that don't even get a meal every day....this is going to be a HUGE blessing to these kids who literally have next to nothing!  The only catch is the playground set costs $1,500 to ship from here to Honduras, so they're praying God would raise up a few families to help out.  Random?  Yes....but if you're interested, let us know and we'll point you in the right direction.  We worked with these kids last year, and after we left, on of the dad's in their community accepted Christ...they're making a difference and this playground will be a HUGE addition for their ministry to these kids!

Back to what I was saying....this morning as we were in the middle of worship at church, I glanced down to notice Joelle had her eyes closed and was trying to sing with the praise team on stage.  She was kind of swaying, and had her hands in the air.  Now, we aren't a 'charismatic' church by any means....we're kind of stiff-necked Baptists at heart I'm sure, but she brought a little something extra to worship for me this morning!  I began to realize what being a parent means.  This kid is watching every move we make....she wants nothing more in life than to be just like us.  It's a scary thought!

And that was when this prayer came our of my mouth before I even knew what I was saying, 'Jesus, make me more like you!'  If this little girl aspires to be like me, I aspire most to look like Jesus.  I hope that one day she'll look just like me....and by doing that it'll mean she looks more like Jesus.  I pray that more than sports, cheer, band, or fame, she focuses on Jesus.

I know this is kind of a different blog post....but my heart has been heavy today, and I hope that in some way this will inspire you....not to feel good or applaud us, but to understand the importance we have as parents to lead our children to Jesus.  As a Student Pastor, I can tell you our kids really do want us to step it up in our walk with Christ.

So last week I could've cancelled Joelle's ticket and left her in the good ole' USA while we traveled to Honduras to 'do ministry.'  Most people would probably think I would be wise for doing that.  BUT that's not what we committed to.  We are a family, and when one of us follows Jesus, we're all going.  He brought us together, and our family belongs to Him.  So I hope you'll join us in praying over our Honduras team this Summer as we travel and work with the Fittz family.  I hope you'll check out their website and pray over their family as they are doing what so many of us would never dare to do.

As we were out eating tonight, Joelle randomly began singing a song we've sung the past few weeks, and I'd encourage you to check it out.  Here's what she sang.....'Jesus only Jesus.'  And as a line in that song says, 'You stand alone, I stand amazed,' that was my thought tonight....amazed that God has brought this amazing little girl into our lives....amazed that He would allow us to raise her....amazed that she would be a catalyst in my life spiritually to cling to the feet of Jesus.  And I hope that as you finish reading this post, you'll understand the importance of that....clinging to the feet of Jesus...that's where we belong.

Here's a few pictures from last year's trip to Honduras....HEY, I'm not afraid to ask for help when it comes to reaching people for Jesus!

Here's a picture of the kiddos we worked with last year.
 This is a picture we took in front of the one of the water pilla's we helped build last Summer.  This little device allows this awesome family to collect rain water so they can have 'clean' water throughout the week.
 This is dad accepted the Lord last year!
Can't wait to get back to see this guy!  Hopefully he's still around.  Arthur's mom literally abandoned him while we were with him last Summer.  He's the hardest worker I've ever met in my life....and he's 7!  The kid won and broke my heart all in the same week!  Praying we'll see him this Summer and be able to tell him about Jesus again!


  1. So glad to hear from you all again. I love to see and hear the joy in your posts and pictures. But the thing I like most is reading words that reflect your passion and love for the Lord.

  2. Jared- I don't know if Amy has told you but I was lucky enough to travel to Honduras twice on mission trips, and I left a big part of my heart there! I am so impressed that you all want to take Joelle with you so she can witness the work you are doing for yourselves and others! I have never felt as at peace as I did when I was there!

  3. Loved every word!! Thanks for sharing and I'll be praying for your trip. That sweet girl w help change the world. Just wait. :)

  4. These photos look great! I have always admired people who are reaching out to many places spreading the words of the Lord. Thank you so much for your work. I am praying for everyone of you and I know that you will be blessed for all the days of your life. :)

  5. God Bless your sweet little family!!! I LOVE all of this!