Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another trip to the zoo :)

Texas weather this week has been CRAZY!  On Wednesday it was raining/freezing (to me at least) and today it's beautiful!  Since we never know what tomorrow may hold, we decided to take a short trip to the zoo this morning.  The weather was perfect for us!

Stopped by to check out the creepy owl :)
 And, of course we had to visit the birds again!  Somehow Joelle managed to get me to actually hold a bird.  Something about how I told her last time I would try it someday.  Stinkin' smart kid remembered and held me to my word!  She said, "Mama... you said you would hold a bird with no screaming this time!"
 Then we did a short pony ride... she's still a little unsure about it, but she was happy that she gave it a go!
 I must say that I'm a pretty good photographer :)  And, check out those mint capris... what a stylin' little girl!  Can you see the "unsureness" on her face?!  That's most definitely a fake smile for mom!
 This is my favorite picture!  Look at that smile!  She is seriously good at posing for the camera even when there's an extremely large lion behind her :)  If you didn't notice yet, we had a slight wardrobe change.  Apparently you need to change out necklaces while at the zoo :)
 Had to get a picture of the lion lookin' our way.  Pretty sure he would have eaten us for dinner if the glass wasn't separating us!
After the zoo we headed to Torchy's Tacos to treat our favorite little girl to some chicken and rice.  Now she's taking her nap (or "little sleep" as Joelle calls it) so that we can wake up to eat Casa Linda petit-fours and then it's swim time!  

Happy Saturday to you all!  Enjoy your weekend... we all know it goes by WAY too fast!


  1. The picture of her with the lion is a wonderful picture!! I don't know how it happens, but she gets even more beautiful with each post!!

  2. oh the Tyler Zoo!!! What a wonderful little trip and she is MOST definitely a gorgeous girl.....

  3. I am a primary school teacher in Scotland who has been following your teaching blog for a long while. I love your creativity and have used many of your ideas in my own little classroom. As a result of that I have also been following your journey to bringing Joelle home on this blog. What really strikes me is how happy Joelle is and how different her life now is with you both. What a gift you have given her and how precious she must be to you. She looks the picture of health and happiness and is a wee darling. Enjoy your swim! Much too cold for that here!

  4. I have been following your journey of getting your baby since the beginning. Although I am a complete stranger, I am so happy that God blessed you with this precious little girl! She is seriously too cute and I look forward to the new pictures of your precious little family. You are an amazing mom and that little girl is lucky to have the two of you.

    Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes

  5. Sounds like such a fun day!! I took my little one to the zoo over spring break and she LOVED the animals, especially the birds! :) We are quite the fan of Torchy's too, I just wish we didn't live so far from one!

    Surviving the Little People

  6. She is so beautiful.. All good things come in time <3

    You all look so happy and have a beautiful family!

  7. Amy, I've loved reading your story with Joelle! She's such a cutie and I love to see the updates on your life! I was just on Zulily & thought of you! Today, they have a ton of cute Longhorn clothing for kiddos that would just look adorable on Joelle! Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Lucky to Be in First