Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Such a cutie pie!

Today Joelle got all dressed up for some cousin pictures at the Arboretum, and before we changed out of her cute little outfit, I snapped a few pictures in the backyard!
 We are so ready to get in our new pool!  C'mon summer!
I'm seriously in love with this little girl!

And here are a few pictures from our morning :)


  1. there are no words for the cousin pictures. you two are adorable in your coordinating gray (love your top). your journey into motherhood brings me such happiness and i hope to have a similar experience some day in the future! thank you so much for sharing your joy.

  2. After watching your journey through adoption, I thought you could appreciate this film that will be shown in your area...called bothendsburning.org/initiatives/stuck-tour/itinerary/......it's about making international adoption easier so children can be placed with loving families like you guys. Anyway, y'all are amazing as always!