Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mary Poppins!

We took Joelle and our nieces, Bella and Jenna, to see Mary Poppins today!  It was definitely a hit... at the end Joelle said, "Mama no go to Joelle's house, stay in this one to sleepy with Mary Poppins"  

She was booty dancing with the best of them during the performance!
 If you haven't noticed in our other pictures, I'm all about a theme.  If Mary Poppins wears red and black, then it's only fitting that we play along, right?!

Now we are hungry and exhausted, so I guess I'll get on that whole makin' dinner thing!!  Check out Dallas Summer Musicals if you haven't yet!  Such a fun family event!


  1. What a very girly thing to do today. I love Mary Poppins and the musical was amazing! I see tea parties in your future with these lovely ladies. Super cute pics. Love the color coordination.

  2. Oh em gee! That new blog header is super cute!

  3. Such a great and happy family! I like the pics.