Friday, March 15, 2013

Beautiful Weather!

Oh my goodness, we sure have had some beautiful days here lately!  I don't know how much I appreciated nice weather until I became a mom... suddenly staying indoors all day became painful!  Not painful because she goes stir-crazy, but painful because she needs to do more than play inside all day!  

Joelle helped Papa plant some flowers around the pool.  {sidenote:  Jared told me to get Joelle dressed for working and specifically told me no jewelry or bows, haha!  When he saw her he said, "Amy I told you working clothes!!  But the sweet girl wanted a bow, and who am I to say no to that?!  That just means I've taught her well, right?!}
Joelle may have been digging holes that Jared refilled immediately after, but she has no idea so it's okay!
 Today it was so beautiful outside and we had some time to kill before meeting up with friends, so we took some pictures in Deep Ellum.

 Getting her to pose is seriously an easy task!

 Picture with THE Chuck Norris... yes please!!
 Then, we met up with our sweet friends Mallory and Landon for lunch and some playtime at the Arboretum!  This was Joelle's first time to be able to actually play at the Arboretum instead of just take pictures, and she thoroughly enjoyed that!  She rolled all over that soft grass, chased the squirrels, cartwheeled, flipped, and blew bubbles.  That makes for one happy girl!  
Mallory and I have know each other for probably 23ish years, so it was such a blessing to introduce Joelle to her!  Such a special moment!


  1. Joelle has such a beautiful light in her eyes!

  2. Picture #5? Seriously THE.CUTEST.PICTURE.EVER! That baby needs to be printed and framed! Love how her personality shines through the camera! What a joyful family you've made! And yes, she needs bows for everything!

  3. Such a beautiful girl with such a bright smile! Of course she needs bows for have trained her well!!

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