Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Day in Pictures

Our day in pictures...

Looking at the fish with Daddy
 A girl and her baby

 Coloring with Mommy

 Talking on the phone
 Giving lots of sweet kisses
 Her mad frisbee skills...
 She takes it very seriously... especially when lathered in Mosquito repellant ;)

 All clean and ready for bed...
 Yes, she wore 3 different headbands throughout the day, BUT this last one was just for pictures.  I don't actually make her wear them to bed :)
Goodnight from the Congo!


  1. She is beautiful! You can see how much love she has for you both already!!

  2. Love seeing all the pictures and so happy to hear that she is smiling already! Odette has the same pjs.

  3. Congrats Amy! She is breathtaking. I'm so excited for the three of you to finally be together. :) Jodi

  4. These pictures make my heart (and face) smile so much!!! She is so blessed and lucky to have ya'll...and ya'll her! God bless!

  5. Her smile is so infectious! Congrats!

  6. She is so very beautiful. Amy...You immediately started to have that "Mommy look" in your eye. It's amazing how fast that happens. Congratulations on finally being a family of 3.

  7. I've been following you for awhile and have been holding my breath these last few weeks waiting to see what happens...then I get distracted and totally miss the big announcement!
    Congratulations, though belated. There is nothing like being a Mommy and learning all their likes/dislikes/quirks and their personalities. You have been immeasurably blessed.

    Blessings to you and yours!

  8. Joelle looks so happy! I especially love her stance when it comes to the Frisbee throwing! I'm sure she has some serious mad skillz! Keep the pictures and updates coming. Although we don't know each other - hearing and seeing updates make my heart skip for you guys! Continue praises to the Lord!

  9. She is absolutely beautiful. I love the sweet smile on her face and the sparkle in her eyes!

  10. She is completely gorgeous! All three of you look SO incredibly happy! Such a wonderful thing! <3

  11. What a beautiful family! I'm amazed each day at the wondrous things our God can do!! Many prayers for your sweet girl!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  12. Congratulations, Amy, Jared, and Joelle. very happy for your family.

  13. Congratulations! The long wait & your faith & perseverance was definitely worth it. Your little girl will have a blessed life as a member of your family.

  14. congratulations! she is a beautiful little girl. best of wishes to your new little family. Please don't forget to take care of your health as a healthy momma is the best gift for this sweet little angel.