Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Happy Happy!

Things that make Joelle HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Seriously, I couldn't resist.  We are HUGE Duck Dynasty fans :)  And this girl can rock some yellow!
What she's eating...
Besides pretty much EVERYTHING (she can also put down some food!), here are some of the foods we have tried:

-Breakfast:  oatmeal, bananas, yogurt, sausage biscuits, blueberry muffins, pancakes, eggs, milk
-Meals:  veggie soup, chili,  chicken and rice, spaghetti, BBQ, fajitas, pizza, bread, hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries
-Snacks:  applesauce, cheese, crackers, fruit snacks, popsicles, cheese/peanut butter crackers, chips

Things she does NOT like to eat:
chocolate... sadsville for mommy!
green beans
hot sauce
chocolate chip cookies

Other LIKES:
playing "Where's Joelle?!"
repeating everything we say/do
baby dolls
front rolls
taking pictures
looking at pictures/videos of herself
scratching Daddy's feet
getting her back scratched
being thrown up in the air
riding her tricycles
coloring (and she stays in the lines!!)
waking up

As I'm making this list, I am realizing that she pretty much likes to do anything.  She is very easy to please and entertain!  She's not a big fan of TV, but she will watch short videos on the computer.  We are A-Okay with that because we don't want to consume her time with the TV right now.  

We are trying to help her understand that we will be swimming soon... here she is standing in our empty/unfinished pool!  
She is pretty much HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY all the time!  Once again, we are in love with our sweet baby!


  1. She is so beautiful! Yes, that yellow rocks on! So love to read and her and your happy family:)))

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I must get that shirt! Sister can rock it!

  3. I am so happy for you and your family! I watched her eating ice for the first time over and I over! :)

  4. What a sweetie! She looks so tall! I am so glad she is finally home.

    1. I think the pants make her look tall... she's right at 3 feet :)

  5. You're right... she does rock that yellow!

  6. Ah, a girl after my own heart...nothing is better than a good back scratch! Joelle has good taste!

    Thanks for continuing to share your joy with us!


  7. Her shirt makes me happy happy happy!!! and I am LOVING these updates! Keep em' coming!

  8. She is just so stinking cute! I read each post and relive those first days with Odette. She will love looking back at all the pictures. I am so happy that you are all together!!!

  9. I am loving all of these posts! I've read silently for quite sometime now and I am so so excited and happy for yall! God blesses in amazing ways! PS I am digging her silver Sperrys, she has such style!

  10. happy happy happy! she is a precious girl! i loved reading about her! I am so happy for you!

  11. I am enjoying your posts so much. I think she will become a chocolate lover some day. She is a sweetie and I can already see a change in her...lovely family!

  12. Love hearing this! :) Seeing her happy, happy, happy makes me happy, happy, happy!
    I just want to squeeze those adorable cheeks! :)

  13. I love that shirt! How can she not love you? So happy!

  14. Happy happy! She does love it all!

  15. I have been following but not commenting much - just wanted to say again how precious she is! What does she think of the camera and all the pictures? My kids loved posing once they saw they could see themselves instantly on a picture, LOL!