Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Oh my goodness, y'all... this girl LOVES her some bubbles.  When we saw her playing with them in videos we got from her time at the orphanage, we knew she HAD to have bubble fun at home!  Our sweet friends, Kent and Sarah (or in Joelle's words... Kenta and Sawah) got her this fun bubble machine.  After nap we broke this bad boy out and entertained ourselves for a good 40 minutes :)

 You gotta pose for Mom while blowing bubbles :)
And, of course you have to stop for a snack because blowing bubbles is exhausting.  This is how she eats... bow falls down and hand on the forehead!
The banana and goldfish did the trick, so it was time to play some more!

 Look at those skills!
 It's kind of amazing how something so simple can be so fun... who knew?!


  1. I love reading updates on Joelle! Totally makes my day :)

  2. I love all of her cute accessories with every outfit! Definitely a girlie girl!

  3. Oh what fun! Joelle is SOOOOO cute! Love the bubbles! The picture of her eating makes me laugh. She has this look that says, "Man, I gotta eat again. Can't I just play with my bubbles?" That's my interpretation - not reality I'm sure. Keep those pictures coming. I look forward to hearing your news and adventures every day.

  4. Thank you for sharing all these great moments! I look for them everyday. :)