Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Lazy Saturday

Can you believe that today was the FIRST day that we didn't have to go to some kind of doctor for Joelle?  Here's a little rundown of our week:

Tuesday- went to our 1st doctor's appointment... has a little cold, got a chest xray
Wednesday- went to dentist for Mommy, peeked into Joelle's mouth
Thursday- went to get blood-work, but the Doc wanted us to go somewhere different... then went back to the doctor to review chest xray and check on her cold
Friday- started the day with blood-work at Children's Hospital

Saturday= a LAZY day at home!  So far, Joelle has been completely satisfied just playing with mommy and daddy.  She likes to play hide-and-go-seek, tickling, wrestling, etc.  She doesn't really play with her toys unless you prompt her to.  So, we took this morning as an opportunity to introduce her to some things in her room.

We played doctor...
 And practiced on her babies (hoping this helps her next doctor's appointment go well!)
 Meet Dr. Joelle!
 And we also loved on the puppies...

 Every few minutes you will hear Joelle saying, "Where's Bailey, where's Marley?!"  She was scared of them for all of 5 seconds when she walked into our house on that first night, but ever since then she is ALL about her dogs!  They may act like they aren't fond of her, but they follow her around and sleep with her during nap/bed time!  

We finished the night with a little shopping and hot dogs!  I'll be back soon to tell you some of the things she's been saying and eating since we've been home! 


  1. I love reading updates on Joelle! She is so precious!

  2. I would totally go to Dr. Joelle! TOO cute!

  3. I love reading all of your posts! I'm sure it's so wonderful to have your daughter home!!

  4. Amy I could not be happier for you!! What a blessing from above! She is a precious little miracle. :) Enjoy your time together! :)

    Sugar and Spice

  5. The pictures of her smooching the pups made my heart melt! She looks like such a happy for you. God is so so good!

    What Happens in First Grade