Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I've been up to

Want to know what I've been up to lately?  Well, I can honestly say NOT MUCH.  I've actually moved to the couch from the bed today, but that's only because I desperately needed to wash our sheets.  Otherwise, if you came over at any given moment I would be laying in my bed either watching Netflix or working on my computer.

But, ever since we started our pool the dogs have been tracking mud ALL around my house and in my bed.  Hence, the reason I needed to wash the sheets!  So, here I am laying on the couch :)

Well, let me back up a little bit.  WE ARE PUTTING IN A POOL!  That's right, folks... I've been asking for a pool for years and Jared finally committed to it!  I am, by nature, a home-body, so I can't wait to stay home ALL summer relaxing by MY pool with my little girl!  We have a neighborhood pool, which is really nice and never all that crowded.  But, when you teach in the same neighborhood where you live... going to the community pool becomes a problem.  Kids stare at me the whole time I'm there.  No joke.  And, it's really awkward laying out in a bikini next to my students and their families.  Therefore, a pool became a necessity.

So, a few weeks ago my dream pool started to become a reality.
 But, do you see all that mud?1  And, have you noticed all the rain lately?1  That makes for one messy backyard.  Which makes for 2 messy dogs and dirty sheets!
They have poured the concrete and started the tile since I took this last picture.  The rain and nasty weather have delayed the progress quite a bit.  Really though, I don't plan on swimming in the 40 degree weather, so it's okay with me if they take all winter to make my dreams become a reality!

Now, back to what I've been doing lately... besides washing the sheets.  Jared and I have really gotten into watching Lost on Netflix.  We never watched it while it was on TV, but decided that we should give it a go... probably one of the best decisions we have ever made because ohmiword we are OBSESSED now.  I can't wait until he is home from work so that we can watch the next episode.  Is that sad or what?!

And, that's pretty much it.  I've been watching a whole lot of TV and just really trying to relax/let my scar heal as much as possible.  Life has been pretty boring, but I know the word boring won't even exist when the little one gets here so I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible.  I'm looking forward to the days when my scar isn't swollen and I can actually get around and be productive again!  Until then, I will stay here (either on the couch or in the bed) and be as nonproductive as possible!

Here's to getting completely healthy SOON!


  1. I LOVE Lost!! I'm currently watching it again..on Netflix..can't get enough of Dr. Jack Shephard! ;)

    Take advantage of the "boring" won't be this way when your little one joins the family.

  2. Glad to hear you're resting! Let me just say- I became totally SUCKED IN on LOST a couple years ago. My hubby and I watched every episode and I was sad when it was over. Such a fantastic show! I loved looking for all the little hidden things..and since the writers are the same for Once Upon A Time they throw in LOST references every once in a while and it always makes me smile :)

    Enjoy your boring days {for now}

    The Learning Tree

  3. I am a huge LOST fan!!! Hugs to you and say hi to Jared. I am so jealous of your pool, it is as big as my house!