Monday, January 28, 2013

Since I've had surgery...

So what's been going on since I've had surgery 7ish weeks ago?!  Well, I can tell you that this has been quite the journey!  I have missed over 5 (going on 6) weeks of work this year which is SO unlike me.  Before this year, I may have missed 5 days of work TOTAL in the 7 years I have been teaching.  It is literally eating me up inside that I am missing so many things in my classroom right now, BUT I know that my health comes WAY before my job (I've only been told this about 1000 times by everyone around me, ha!)

So, why can't I go back to work yet?!  Short answer:  Because the Doctor says so :)!  Even though I'm feeling great MOST days, the doctor says that it is completely average to take 12 weeks off of work after brain surgery.  Since I'm a teacher there are a few things that go into consideration... the amount of time spent on my feet, noise level, the physical and mental stress, etc.  So, I have to wait until my follow-up MRI in March until I can return to work.  This was a pretty hard pill for me to swallow, but I completely understand and have come to terms with it.  And here's why...

I normally have about 5 days a week where I don't even feel like I've had surgery, so I'll start doing more around the house.  Last week I went BIG TIME grocery shopping which resulted in a pretty sore/swollen head.  If you rub your hand from my eye back to behind my ear, you can totally feel the swelling when I've overdone it.  So, if I can hardly clean the house or purchase groceries, then I have a hard time grasping working for 8-10 hours a day!  Here's a little visual of where I get swelling:

Since I feel so comfortable with you ;) I thought I would FINALLY share pictures of MY actual brain.  These were taken during my surgery, and I've been holding off on sharing because I think they are totally disgusting.  But, they are pretty interesting.  On the top left-hand side, you can see the blood from when I had my "bleed" in September and my "re-bleed" in November.  YUCK!  Then right below that, you can see the cavernous malformation that had to be taken out.  And, there has been arguments about the picture on the right.  Some family members remember the doc saying this was after the malformation was removed and some say it's a picture of the malformation.  I have ZERO clue because I was asleep during that conversation back in December!  I've tried to research it, but I've gotten nowhere with it :)

 Since that picture was less than desirable, I'll leave you with some things that make me extra happy during this crazy time in my life!

I have become the crazy dog lady that pretty much talks to my dogs all day everyday!  I get super sad when I have to leave them for a few hours!  I mean, I have spent 7 weeks with them!!!

 Our pool is getting REAL close to being finished.  Last week they poured the deck.  We are just waiting on clean-up, plumbing, electricity, and the stuff that they put on the inside of the pool :)  It's been fun watching the progress (in spite of this crazy Texas weather)!

If you walked in my classroom around 7:30, you would normally see me downing a breakfast bar while trying to teach my class.  I've thoroughly enjoyed being able to sit down and have an actual meal every morning!  And, sometimes I even use fancy glasses for my milk :)

I started cooking again about 2 weeks ago.  But, last Thursday it was Jared's turn.  He made this YUMMY dessert that just melts in your mouth.  Can you tell how healthy I've been throughout my recovery?!  I haven't worked out in 6 months and I eat like a pig.... not a good combination!

So, that's where I'm at.  Still can't drive or do too much.  But, I feel better everyday and can take on a little more each week.  I'm still looking forward to that day when I have a 3 year old to run after instead of being bored all day!  


  1. So happy you are doing better now Amy! Take it easy please. I also love that you have become a crazy dog lady.


  2. You look amazing, girl {swollen head and all}! So happy to hear you are feeling better... 5 days out of the week. I agree with need those full 12 weeks to
    Praying for ya!

  3. So happy for you and thankful for your excellent recovery!! God is using you so much through this time!!


  4. I kinda jumped over the brain pictures.. hope that is ok! HA!

    Love the fancy milk glass :o)

    Glad to hear things are still improving! Enjoy your recovery time!

  5. So happy to hear your recovery is going well. I can imagine it's hard to take it easy when you look in the mirror and everything looks normal, but it's a good thing that you're listening to your doctors.

    I too talk to my sweet doggie girl all day when I'm home {and I can't blame brain surgery!}

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  6. oooh - I love seeing the "ins and outs" of someones "happneings" like that - haha... wow - I sound like there's something wrong with me! lol
    I'm so glad you're doing better!! God is good, my friend!
    The Teacher’s Cauldron

  7. I definitely talk to my pup all the time--call me a crazy doggie lady :)Also, breakfast with fancy milk glasses is always a "do" in my book!


    Sparkly, Quirky Lifebox
    The Quirky Apple

  8. GOD IS TRULY AMAZING! I'm sure this fact has NOT escaped you, but felt the need to say it anyway. Looking at pictures of your brain from 7 weeks ago and looking at pictures of you today just screams the awesomeness of our Lord! Thanks for sharing your progress and testimony with the rest of us!

    Praying for that baby girl...

  9. Every day I open your blog, hoping for the I"M GOING TO AFRICA TOMORROW! heading! Hope things are getting closer for you and know that I am so excited FOR you! So amazing! =)

  10. ok wow. you are so interesting! i mean i like teacher blogs but i LOVVVE personal blogs. i had no idea about all of this! i'm def. a new follower here! i blog personally too- it's my fav!
    LaNesha :)

  11. thanks for sharing your disgusting brain pics (ha ha!) no, really, it was super interesting- and really amazing how someone can know exactly what to do to correct it! i am glad you are taking it easy (even though that's not an easy thing to do!) enjoy your time off, and let Jared continue to spoil you with yummy desserts. (because they are SO much more fun than working out!)

  12. I know that it has been about 2 years since you had this surgery, but I feel the need to reach out a little. Thanks for your faith in and love of God and sharing that with us. I have been following your classroom blog and your family updates for a while now. I share your first name, teach second grade and now have had brain surgery. (That still seems a little unreal.) During the most scary times I kept hearing this verse about being worth more than sparrows from God. Matthew 10:29-31 Thanks again for sharing your story. I am sure that it helped me to remain stronger in my faith. May God continue to bless you and your family.