Monday, January 14, 2013

Children of the World

Oh boy, we were so blessed to spend some time with the Children of the World Choir this weekend!  Jared and I have been super excited about the choir coming to our church for the past several months, and the day FINALLY came!

Jared especially loved spending time with Praise from Uganda.  We *may* have a special place in our hearts for children from Africa :)

She was so much fun to talk to, AND she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. 
These sweeties did so much more than sing for us.  They sang, danced their little hearts out, moved all around the stage, had speaking parts, played the drums, and so much more.  It was truly a blessing.  These kiddos spend 10 months in the United States sharing the love of Christ with thousands of people.  Their time and dedication does so much for orphans all over the world.  After they spend 10 months on tour, they return back to their countries (Uganda, Nepal, and the Philippines) where they live in foster homes, children's homes, or orphanages.  THEN, they help train the next group of kids who will take their place on the tour.  The hope is that they will take what they have learned/experienced and help better their community and culture.
We had a lot of fun spending time with them while they ate lunch today.  They shared lots about their culture and the things they have enjoyed while in the United States on tour.  They were amazed at how you could mix in Koolaid singles with water bottles!  Their colored tongues were fascinating :)
I don't care how busy you are right now, you have to watch this video.  These kids have such joy and it is contagious!  If this doesn't put a smile on your face, then I don't know what will!  
To learn more about the kids, their cultures, or the tour you can visit their website.  I promise, if they come anywhere near where you live it is worth the time.  I might have cried from the second they started singing until they left the stage.  


  1. All I can do is :) thanks for sharing

  2. LOVE THIS!!! You're right, it was an instant smile!! I needed this today!! Thank you for sharing your incredible and faithful journey! You and your husband are an inspiration!!

  3. Love it, thanks a lot for sharing!!!!!

  4. I taught in Uganda and I really don't think there are more precious children anywhere else in the world (besides the one growing in my belly!). WorldHelp is based here in my hometown, so I get to see the Children's choir often. It's a huge blessing every time! Your pictures made my day - and made me seriously miss my Ugandan family and friends!

  5. Wow! Thank you so much for posting the "Nothin's Gonna Keep Me Down" video. It's beautiful! I couldn't get it out of my mind last night and God used it to give me ideas for talking to the kids at my children about the needs of children in Niger where I work. I teach second grade at a school for missionary kids and that's how I came across your teaching blog which brought me to your personal blog and your adoption story. I've been checking in every now and then. Having grown up in Nigeria and now working in Niger, I know that Africa can sometimes be so frustrating when things don't seem to run or work as smoothly as they do here. I just wanted to encourage you even as you are so close and waiting that God's timing is perfect and I know He is going ahead and preparing the way for you. In looking up books about Africa, I ran across this one: . I've never read it but considering your story, I just thought it might connect with you so I thought I would share it. :)