Thursday, January 10, 2013

A little bit of everything

I really wish I was posting in here to tell you that we had BIG adoption news, but I'm not.  So sad!  I will tell you that the Embassy has officially decided that they need to have a phone interview with all of the children's parents before issuing visas.  So, that's what we are waiting on.  

While we are *patiently* waiting on the little one to get here, I will show you what's been going on post-surgery here at the house.

I wanted to share the progression of my incision/scar.  I know it's gross... trust me, I have to look at it  But, I am happy with the way things are looking and feeling at this point in my recovery.  Today, before my shower, I finally peeled off the dried scab.  I thought it would hurt, but PTL I couldn't even feel it.  Turns out... your head is pretty tough, FYI!  It's still a little red and swollen, but the hair is growing back and it bugs me less and less everyday!  Definitely a blessing :)

As if my head didn't look bad enough, look at my backyard.  The backyard that is supposed to be my "dreams become reality" backyard.  Apparently when you want a heated pool, and you don't have a gas-line near the pool this is what happens.  You might want to put that info into your backpocket in case you ever decide to do the same.  Just sayin'... it's a MESS!
 Since it's been raining and the dogs can't even step into the backyard, we've become a little bored around the house.  When you walk into our house you are likely to see...

A.  Me cuddling with the pups
 B.  The pups anxiously waiting for Jared to get home.  I'm pretty sure the dogs are tired of me being home all the time, ha!

So, that's what is going on!  Tomorrow I go get blood-work and an EEG done to make sure the brain is still functioning :).  Then, I'll go back to visit Dr. Barnett next week.  As of right now, I have not been released to go back to work, so the boredom continues!


  1. Wow, you are healing nicely! The backyard looks great. I can see past the mounds of dirt and envision J and you floating by the pool while Jared is on the grill.

  2. Hold on!!! You're doing great. I know it can be really boring, but you have your cute dogs and your laptop, so you're not alone. Prayers sent your way ;)

  3. You're kind of inspiring. And by "kind of" I mean completely inspiring. Sending prayers and good vibes your way!


    Sparkly, Quirky Lifebox

    The Quirky Apple

  4. Hi Amy!
    I'm a first year 2nd grade teacher in MA. I started following your blog when I was looking for some resources for my classroom. You are so creative and have great ideas. But what encouraged me the most was to find that you love the Lord and your living a life to serve Him! I have been stretched and challenged in more ways than I ever imagined this year. I often wish you were right down the hall to sit with over a cup of hot chocolate! I'm sure you would be such an encouragement. I have wrestled with how to trust God with everything. It has all felt so tangible and demanding of my right now, how could I trust Him who felt so spiritual and apart from this world. But thankfully He helped me with my disbelief! Thank you for sharing your heart and life here, it has helped me through this year!!!

  5. What are you planning to do with the backyard, Amy? Are you just going to build an ordinary pool or are you going to pursue the original plan? Running a gas-line would be your greatest expense here. On the other hand, you can use a heated pool more throughout the year. But whatever it is, I hope your healing would keep on progressing. :) -->Cathy