Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Joelle's First Christmas!

Well, Christmas has come and gone in the Lemons' household.  We are currently sitting in a cleaned up house, tree in the attic, toys everywhere, and I am listening to Joelle try to convince Jared to let her sleep on the floor of our bedroom tonight :)  "But, it's Christmas, Papa... I'll scratch your feet...what do you want...cuddles?"

To say our day was anything less than exciting would be an understatement.  Joelle woke up with a huge smile and it stayed there for the entire day.  In her prayers tonight she said, "Jesus, thank you for Christmas and for letting me be in Forney for my first Christmas."  I mean, seriously, just melt my heart.

We had so much fun going 100% overboard for her first Christmas.  But, I must say... it was totally worth it!  That toothless smile was worth a million bucks! 

Here's a little bit of our Christmas action :)

She just adores this Elmo... although she can't say his name for the life of her!
 As Joelle would say... "A bicycle that fits my booty!!"

 Before tearing into our presents :)

 Did you get me Princess Sofia?!
 YAY!  You did!
 The biggest surprise of all was the bounce house that we bought at the last minute.  We saw it online and clicked purchase within an instant.  She loves to cartwheel, roll, and flip so this was the perfect gift for her!  I could literally hear her giggling from inside the house :) 

 After we finished our family Christmas, my parents and sister came over for a little more present-opening!
 She LOVES her "monica" from Poppy!
 But, we weren't finished yet... after lunch it was time to head to Jared's family for MORE Christmastime fun!

 Isn't this the cutest little pillow pallet from her Aunt Li-ia?!  I foresee lots of movie watching in our future!
 And, seriously... because my child is just about as weird as they come, she wanted a Spiderman costume.  She really doesn't know who Spiderman is, but she already loves a good superhero.  Gigi and Poppy got her the costume, and I literally had to pry that sucker off of her.  Don't you just love how she added the bow... too funny!
 Spiderman tending to her baby from Aunt Anna!
 And we couldn't end the night without taking some more family pictures.  

We are just so blessed to have this little girl in our lives.  Everything is so much sweeter with her here.  You might have to force the smile off of my face at this point, because today could not have been anymore perfect than it was!

Oh, and if you were wondering... I have a child sleeping on my floor.  So, her Christmas wish came true :)

Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve and I should be sleeping to get rested for tomorrow, but the excitement is too overwhelming to catch any shut-eye right now!  I'm kinda hoping that staring at the computer will help tire my eyes :)  I can't believe that it hasn't even been a year since we brought our precious girl home with us.  We are just soaking up every single moment with her because it's just such a blessing to have her in our family!

We started Christmas Eve out at church for our Candlelight Service.  It was truly beautiful, and such a great way to focus on the birth of our Savior.  

 After that we went to watch the musical, White Christmas with almost all of our family.  Such a fun way to start our Christmas festivities!!  As soon as we got home it was time to prep for the night!  We sprinkled reindeer food on the grass, read The Night Before Christmas, and put out cookies for Santa!
 We also had to say our goodbyes to Snowflake, our elf.  Joelle was scared to death of this little guy when he first showed up at our house, but she has grown quite fond of him.  Is it weird that I almost cried when I put him away?!  I just hate to see Christmas go!!
 Oh, and then our dogs found Santa's cookies and took part in the eating of them ;)
 As soon as Joelle was tucked into bed, Santa came!  He left a bicycle, Elmo, and a matching outfit for Joelle and her baby :)  (And some shoes that I forgot to wrap...oops)
 And Snowflake gave a proper goodbye through a written note.  Because let's be honest... saying goodbye in person would just be too emotional.  He left Joelle a Minnie Mouse and princess toothbrush since we will be visiting Disney World in March!
I am just anticipating the moment she steps foot in the living room, unwraps those presents, and plays with all of her goodies.  Such a difference from last year when we had to unwrap her presents for her and tuck things away in her room while we waited for her arrival.  The Lord has been good to us and He is faithful!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Little Angel

Who knew having a preschooler would be so much fun?!  Joelle's teacher throws quite the party, and always gives the parents special moments that make the best memories!  Joelle's Christmas party was today, and they started with a sweet little performance of the first Christmas.  Our little angel just happened to play the angel.  This sweet girl does not meet a stranger and is also not shy in front of a crowd.  She had several lines, and she nailed them all!!  You would seriously never know that she has only been here for 10 months... the other parents were just sure she has been here much longer :)
 I'm almost done bragging, but seriously... look how sweet she is!
 After their little play they sang Christmas carols.
 Joelle adds motions, of course!
 After that it was time for family can see how well that went
 FINALLY!  This one's a keeper!
 We ate lots of food and had fun playing with our friends also!
 And now we are at home for 2 weeks for some family Christmas fun!  Can't wait to make more precious memories with Joelle during her VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS!  Oh, and I'll be able to blog a lot more :)
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, how a year makes a difference.  Can I just throw back to our life only ONE year ago?!  Last Thanksgiving we were coming off of my little hospital/brain-bleed scare.  It would be just days later that I would find out surgery was needed.  I can hardly believe that chapter of our life was just last year.  It truly feels like an eternity ago!  And, if you would have told me what this Thanksgiving was going to look like... I would NOT have believed you.

And, then there was the waiting... and waiting... and waiting for Joelle.  We were just absolutely 100% positive that she would be for the holidays last year.  And, she wasn't.  Honestly, the holidays were such a blur.  They were nice, and full of family, BUT they were missing something.  A little piece of us was sitting across the earth in Congo waiting for a family to come get her.  As we celebrated holiday after holiday, we also grew more and more desperate to bring her home.  

But, boy we did not realize how much she would really complete our family.  We had no clue that Joelle could bring so much joy, laughter, and sweetness to our lives.  
Of course, we knew all along that God was in control and He really did have a perfect plan for our family.  But, I don't think we can comprehend just how BIG and awesome He really is.  And, in the midst of so much uncertainty last year, we had our doubts that things would turn out the way we had planned.  But, that's why HE is God and we are NOT!  He had a better plan than we could have ever dreamed of.  He gave us the sweetest, most loving, funniest, craziest little girl that literally fits like a glove in our family.  So, I'm here to say that trusting in Christ is totally worth it.  He never seizes to amaze us and we are living proof that He is the ultimate healer and miracle worker.

OH, and you might be wondering how first Joelle's Thanksgiving went?!  Well, she LOVED every single bit and bite of it :))
Gigi makes a pretty delicious Thanksgiving dinner!  Joelle tried everything and ate all of that food!!!
She made a pretty little ornament with help from Granny...
The next day we headed to my grandparents for a little Thanksgiving fun at Meemaw and Grandpa's!
 All in all, it was a PERFECT Thanksgiving.  We are blessed beyond measure!!!