Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking back and moving foward

As Jared and I are sitting around the house, literally stalking our computers and phones for an email about any new updates from the Congo, I decided that I needed to reflect on this past year.  I found myself thinking, "man 2012 stunk, I really want to start fresh in 2013!"  BUT, that's when I realized that this past year really has been filled with lots of precious moments.  Sure, we've come across the MOST difficult times in our marriage, but we've learned so much as a couple!

So, instead of being negative today, I'm going to take a look down memory lane...

We had very simple New Year's plans last year, just went to dinner and brought in the New Year at home with our sweet friends.  Who knew what 2012 would bring on that evening?!
 In February, we submitted our application to adopt from the Congo!  Boy oh Boy, was that the BEST decision we have ever made or what?!
 In March, we visited New York City during Spring Break.  A few days filled with LOTS of food, entertainment, shopping, and walking!  This was where we bought our first gifts for our child!
 Easter made an appearance in April!  I also celebrated my 27th birthday!
 The month I'll never forget... MAY!  We saw our daughter's face for the very first time on May 6th.  We cried tears of joy, called all of our family immediately, and shared with our friends!  That was a precious, precious day!
 June brought one of my favorite times of the year.... SUMMER!  I'm a teacher, so naturally I really look forward to the summer!  We led a mission trip for our students to Honduras.  God did a HUGE work in our lives that week and really reignited our love for the mission field.  We also decorated little bit's room in June (kinda thought she would be here soon at that point!)
July=Hawaii.  Enough said.  Oh, and Jared turned the big 2-9!
In August, we really thought that we would be bringing our daughter home from the Congo.  Things were moving quickly and we were trekking right along.  Some delays came about, so we bought a dune buggy, ha!  I also started a new school year which kept us quite busy!
 September.  Not my favorite month of the year.  This was the month of the brain bleed.  BOOOOO!  However, we did have fun at Fall Retreat after our short visit in the hospital!  September brought a lot of uncertainty and questions.  Looking back, I just had no idea what that little hiccup was going to bring in just a few short months.
Well, things were looking up in October.  I was feeling MUCH better, so we traveled to Chicago to meet up with some of my sweet friends.  That was definitely a HUGE blessing because it kept our minds off of doctor's appointments.  They also showered me with love and gifts for our little girl!
 November- Thanksgiving and a week off of work!  yahoo!
 December.  Where do I start?!  We really expected to have J here for Christmas.  Like, had no doubts about it.  But, then we found out that the Lord had other things planned out for us.  Instead of getting news on our little one, we found ourselves sitting at my neurosurgeon's office hearing the words "brain surgery. shaved head. months of recovery. no traveling. no driving. happening in 2 weeks."  As I broke down in tears so quietly that Jared didn't even know I was crying, I had no idea what to do at that moment.  But, somehow, someway... God got me not only through those 2 weeks of waiting, but also through a surgery that could have gone very differently than it did.  I am here, 21 days later looking as normal as can be, able to do way more than I thought possible.  I am blessed.

So, could I have told you on New Year's Eve last year what 2012 was going to look like?  Absolutely not.  But, I've learned that there's really no need in making plans for the New Year, because we truly aren't in control.  I had no idea that I would be waiting for months upon months for our little girl who is halfway across the world.  I had no clue that my brain would be opened up to remove abnormal veins.  But, I also had no clue that we would be blessed beyond belief just to have those days together.

 I mean, really... who can complain about going to New York, Honduras, Hawaii, and Chicago all in one year?  Who can complain about being the mom to the most beautiful little girl in the world?  Not me!  I'll take the hand that the Lord has dealt me!  After all, He knows way better than I do!
Here's to NOT worrying about 2013 and letting God take control!


  1. What a great year! May 6th is my birthday! :) 2013 is going to be just a great and even better. Wishing you and your hubby a wonderful New Year as you welcome your new child.

    All the best!
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  2. You know Amy, I first came to know you through your marvelous work on TpT. I follow your blog and look forward to all the wonderful things you do in your classroom and the fact that you share them with all of us. Then I became aware of your commitment to the Lord and became an even bigger fan. As you have shared your heart on your blogs, I have seen a beautiful young woman grow emerge as such a strong, thoughtful daughter of the Lord. I'm 39 and have served the Lord faithfully in my church for 22 years. This year has been a strenuous one for me as well. Your New Year's reflections are inspiring and remind me of how evident and present God is in our lives every day. I hope and pray that this year brings the answers to all of your current prayers. I think you and Jared are going to be terrific, godly parents to J. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to serve the Lord in so many ways. Your kindness, faithfulness, and humility do not go unnoticed by Him. God be with you this year.

    1. Thank you so much Cherrie! Thank you for the prayers and support!

  3. So absolutely true!! Praying that you will meet your little girl very quickly in 2013!!!