Friday, December 14, 2012

Do I have stitches? Do I have stitches? Is this real life?

The past day or so has seemed a little more 'real' for Amy.  She's extremely sore from the surgery but has kept a really great attitude.  It's not so much soreness in her head as it is all over her body.  I'm thinking it's from positioning her body during surgery and just the slowed down pace of life over the past few days taking it's toll.

As an aside, we have never really been the family that threw the television out of our home.  We don't have anything against doing that....but praise the Lord we never did that.  I know that sounds a little vain and ridiculous, but come on, a little TV never hurt anyone; especially when the person already had brain surgery.

So we've vegged out a little over the past few days.  We've had a few people come over....don't get any ideas though....just not quite up to a lot of company yet.  I think a lot of people are probably hearing about how well Amy is doing, how she's already home, and have seen the awesome reports, and feel like we'll be back to our 'normal' life in no time.  We sure hope so, but we aren't there quite yet.  Amy's pain in her incision area has really calmed down significantly and that's been a blessing.  I would never recommend having brain surgery, or wish that on anyone, but I promise you I can't imagine there is a better neurosurgeon out there than Dr. Barnett at Baylor!  There's still a lot of uncomfortableness and soreness, but it's getting better every single day.

Amy did actually skip a dose of pain meds early this morning because she we feeling better.  That was awesome!  She's resting now though...she tries to get up and move around....she's working on TpT stuff for those that know what that is....and we've spent some time just hanging around the house.  She gets tired very quickly though.  That was one of the big side effects of such a big surgery.  So if you don't see us out and about just yet....if you don't see us in our normal spots at church this weekend, and are wondering where we are, hopefully you'll have a better understanding why.  We're home, but the road ahead is exhausting for Amy....extremely exhausting.  She's doing awesome with the pain, she's up and walking around some, and we've about caught up on all of our tv shows....we actually got a video of 'J' today from our agency and got to laugh at her.  She's a bit of a hard head it seems!  A couple of kiddos in the video were pushing her gently and let's just say she wouldn't have that at all!  So we saw that side of our daughter today and are looking forward to breaking some of those a godly way of course!

That's pretty much it!  We're praising the Lord for such a great recover so far....hoping that He's speaking to you through this blog....and waiting out the recovery time.  We are hoping to get stitches out late next week.  We'll just have to wait and see if they're ready of not.  I'm not a good wound dresser at all though so I know Amy will be glad when I no longer have to patch her up!  Right now I pretty much make it look like the entire side of her head is gone.

I'll leave ya with this short video.  Last night Mack came over and we went ahead and gave Amy some of her meds she needs.  Then we sat back and had a blast watching her.  Amy doesn't take a lot of medicine so when she gets the pain killers in her it's better than anything on tv.  She reminds me quite a bit of this kid:

Thanks so much for the prayers.  Thanks for the encouraging words.  She's getting there...much more quickly than we thought she would.  Just be patient with us and keep on praying!  God's been so good. Hopefully our story will lead you to see His goodness in your own circumstances.


  1. Im so glad she is doing so well! God is good! :) Hoping you can see your sweet Baby J soon. :)

  2. I started following Amy a while back due to teaching, but quickly start following your family blog. I had read all about the adoption and had been keeping up with it before our mission trip to Bangladesh last summer. Right before we left, I asked my husband to read all about it. He did, but he never told me that he did until our plane ride back home when he said, "I think I want to adopt internationally, too." It only took him reading about your story and then holding and seeing those Bangladeshy babies for his heart to be changed. When we got back, I emailed Amy asking about selling on TpT. She encouraged me to give it a try and she also shared a bit more about ya'll's journey to decide to adopt. I never EVER thought I would sell a dern thing on TpT and I also never thought that pregnancy would be such a battle. Here we are 6 months later and TpT has blessed my husband and I and we are praying continuously about what our family will look like. Will this baby grow in my tummy or in my heart? We don't know. I just wanted to tell you, yet again, how wonderful it has been to have the Lord use your little family in me and my husband's life. To reach out via email across the metroplex and have Amy give me tid-bits of advice or encouragement has just really, really provided some light through our journey. Your story continues to encourage us, we are continued to be reminded of just how great our God is, and how faithful He is even when we struggle to see the sunny days. Thanks for just being obedient and faithful brothers and sisters in Christ! Merry Christmas!! Oh, come let us ADORE Him!