Thursday, November 15, 2012

Waiting...waiting....waiting on the Lord

Today is one of those 'big days,' or so we hope.  We've been waiting the past few weeks to get our finalized i-600 to bring our daughter home.  The i-600 is the 'last step' before the process to travel and bring her home can begin.  It's pretty much a certified document that says the United States is in agreement that she is truly an orphan, and the best possible option for her life is to be adopted to us.  We have stacks and stacks of papers!  We have signed, notarized, prayed, signed, notarized, and prayed to get everything turned in and ready for this moment.  And now….we wait.

We wait on the government.  We wait on the US Embassy to finish their procedures.  We wait on that phone call.  We wait on e-mails with pictures and videos of our beautiful little girl.  We look at pictures and long for God to unite us with a child He knew we'd have all the way back in Genesis.  And that's really where we are….we are waiting.  But yesterday, as I was finishing up a message for next March, I was reminded that we're not waiting on Immigration or people.  We are waiting on the Lord.  And maybe we're waiting on Him the wrong way.

As I was praying that God would let the phone ring so that our daughter could come home before Christmas, something just didn't feel right.  I've noticed that for quite some time we've been begging God to move on our behalf….and not often have we done it to grow closer to Him.  We want to raise our daughter in His goodness.  We pray that God would use her up for His glory.  We pray for all of the right things….but I was reminded yesterday of two things.  First of all, we're waiting on Him.  He's in control.  He's reminded us of that over and over again.  He's in control, and He is good.  We believe that with all of our hearts.

But what was more convicting was the fact that I was asking for time with my daughter more than I was begging for more of Him.  I was more interested in getting to know her than I was Him.  My prayer was to bring J home soon.  And conviction began.  What if God's purpose in this time of waiting was to grow us closer to Him.  What if, instead of seeking Him to move quickly, He wanted us to just seek more of Him?

And so that's where we're at today.  You can pray with us that we'll get a call from Immigration today with great news.  We hope you'll join us in praying for that.  But this morning, my heart desires a deeper focus on Him.  My prayer is that God will unite us with our amazingly beautiful daughter in these next few weeks….and until then, that we'd experience His goodness and search Him out.  Because after all, life isn't about being a parent….it's about being a child of God.  Let's walk in His goodness today.

Isaiah 40: 31 'Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength.  They'll mount up with wings like eagles.  They'll run and not be weary.  They'll walk and not faint.'



  1. Love this. You will make beautiful, wonderful parents because of your faith in Christ. Praying for a speedy flight plan for your little one and for you both to grow closer to Him as you wait.

  2. I follow your teaching blog, and often read your personal blog to catch up on your beautiful adoption journey. I don't ever comment, but that had to change today. Jared, I needed to hear this and wanted to thank you.

    We're all waiting. . . waiting for a baby, waiting for an answer, waiting for the next chapter, or waiting for a husband. Whatever it is. . . we're all waiting. Thank you for encouraging me today to wait well. . . to use the wait to know Him better. My better wait starts now. Thank you!

  3. It's amazing how God can give a person words that not only touch their own life but others too. Such convicting words I needed to hear for a different situation and praying you get to hold your little girl soon.

  4. Amazing how we forget why God has placed us on earth. We aren't here for ourselves but to glorify Him in all we do! Definitely hard to remember when we're so busy with our day to day life. Thanks for the beautiful reminder that all things are in His time. Sending you blessings for your special time ahead.