Monday, March 5, 2012

My new necklace and the Home Study

Let me just start this by saying I don't have a lot of new info for you... sorry!  We get asked almost daily if we know anything new, but unfortunately the news we get is pretty few and far between :(  So, just be patient and pray with us!!!

Jared and I will be celebrating our 7th anniversary next week!  YAY!  We are headed to New York for a few days.  It was a very "last minute" trip, but we are hoping to distract ourselves and have a little fun in the midst of this adoption process.  For our anniversary, Jared ordered me this AH-dorable necklace from Etsy.

I- LOVE-IT!  But, have to get a longer chain because I'm pretty sure my neck is too fat, haha!  

For our home study, we had to do a few things, like:

1.  Purchase a fire extinguisher
2.  Cover up our plugs.
3.  Put all cleaning supplies, knives, and medicine out of reach
4.  Buy a trash can with a lid (really?!)
5.  Fix our smoke detectors (they technically haven't worked since we moved in, but they do now!)
6.  Lock up all firearms... okay, so we didn't have to do this one because we don't own any!
7.  Check our water levels??
 and we also...
8.  Cleaned every room
9.  Cleaned and organized every closet plus the laundry room
10.  Cleaned out our garages and threw a BUNCH of junk away
11.  Sorted through our clothes again and bagged the ones we are going to give away
and so much more!  But, now that part is over!!

Our dogs were pretty much complete angels throughout our Home Study meetings...
Let me re-phrase that... Bailey was a complete Angel, and Marley was, well... she was Marley!  She got very concerned when one of the sweet ladies sneezed, and just had to make sure she was okay (I'm assuming that the lady sneezed BECAUSE of Marley, ha!), and she chewed up a raw-hide right in front of their faces... manners?!!!!

So, what's next?  We wait!  Once our home study report is complete, we can start filling out immigration papers.  We are still hoping to get a referral/picture of our child soon, but we are beginning to realize that it will take longer than we originally were told.

That's it for now!!!  As soon as we know more, we will fill you all in :)


  1. Brings back's hard to believe ours took place almost a year and a half ago! I'm so glad it went well for you guys! I love your cute necklace! :)

  2. Oh I love the necklace!!!! It looks like you've done lots of work!

  3. Awww, the little heart shape in the middle gives it a mushy feel; it is just the perfect gift! On our first anniversary, my hubby and I got matching tattoos to celebrate the event. On our way out, he knelt on one knee and gave me a necklace with our names engraved on it. We also have a matching necklace to boot. It was so sweet of him that I cried on the spot. Talking about this is making me really excited on our upcoming anniversary!

    Idaline Cirillo

  4. My parents have a Shih Tzu, and he is not able to eat raw hide treats. They make him very sick. Do you find that your doggies can eat them okay??

  5. It looks beautiful, though I’m not pretty sure what the pendant is. Haha! Well, thanks to long-chain necklaces for being back on the trend, we have now an excuse to wear necklaces, but still look casual and chic at the same time. I would love to see this matched with one of your OOTDs some time. Have a nice day!

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs the Jewellers