Monday, February 6, 2012

Friday Night -Donkeyball-?!

Jared and Kent were invited to play Donkeyball for a North Forney High School Fundraiser.  It was actually scheduled for a couple of months ago, but had to be rescheduled due to technical difficulties (AKA... the lights went out and would not come back on).  Apparently donkeys can't play basketball in the dark :)

Right out of the locker room, Jared's donkey just plops down.  Seriously.  He was doing an "intro lap" with everyone else, and his decides to take a little rest.  Then he decided to roll on his belly with his legs in the air.  Right then and there, I knew this was going to be an unforgettable night!
Look how tall Jared's donkey was?!  I mean, Jared is 6 foot tall, so this guy was pretty large!  He was the biggest one on the court, ha!
Needless to say, it was more than difficult for Jared to throw himself over the donkey.  It took several failed attempts before he was able to thrust himself to the top!
Okay, so not only was Jared's donkey the largest, he was also the laziest.  All of the players and donkeys would be down the court.  Then you'd look back, and there was Jared.  Just sitting there.
Kent's donkey was a little more active...
Going down court, finally, to shoot a basket.
This moment was HI-larious!  Watching these grown men try to pull their donkeys cracked me straight up.
Pulling her, obviously wasn't working, so Kent decided it was time for a sweet talk.
He seriously hugged her neck and whispered sweet nothings into her ear!
Despite the fact that Jared's donkey was overly large and lazy, I thought she had the prettiest coat!
I think Jared spent more time pulling his donkey than he did riding it, ha!  I could tell he was getting frustrated because he is just a LITTLE competitive.

The first game ended in a tie, so the leaders had to arm wrestle to see who would go to the Championship Game.  Jared and Kent's team won, notice the excitement.
Game two... the Mr. in action...

Time for a little rest...

Let me just tell you that if you EVER have a chance to participate and/or watch Donkeyball- it is SO worth it!  I pretty much only took pictures of Jared and Kent, but the other donkeys were just as funny.  

Here's our little cheering section for Jared and Kent:


  1. I love Donkey Basketball!! We've done it twice at my school! One year I scored the winning basket, which was very exciting :)