Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's a Tradition!

I don't know about y'all, but I love me some good ol' fashioned Holiday traditions.  Since Jared and I don't have any kiddos of our own, we don't have a ton of things that we do from year to year around the holidays, but the few traditions we've made for ourselves, I LOVE!

One of my favorite Holiday festivities is going to see the Gaylord ICE!  We have now gone 3 years in a row with our sweet friends, Kent and Sarah.  This year we decided to take our little friend, Royal, along for the journey!  He made it ten times more fun than before :)

Eating at Hard Eight BBQ before we headed to the Gaylord!
Fun times in the backseat :)  This consisted of Royal telling jokes, singing gospel music, and telling very elaborate stories... and he might have threatened to "throw us out the car" a few times, haha!
We had to wait on the boys to get our tickets, so we entertained ourselves by taking pictures (to which Royal said, "I don't wanna take no pictures," and I simply said in return, "We're going to be taking lots of pictures tonight so you're going to have to get over that!"

Decked out in our fancy coats, entering the freezing cold temps!
He was a true sport!!!

So, this is really funny... we waited in line to take this picture because it was a great photo op, BUT Jared and I wanted one with just us... so we made Royal duck down.  People in line were looking at us like, "did they really just push that sweet boy out of the picture" hahahaha, priceless!
But, we took one with him, too!

Waiting in an enormously long line to ride the slide.  Okay, I may be a little dramatic, but it was frustrating because they had half of the slides closed!!!  So, we entertained ourselves :)
Royal was quite the frightened one, but he went down anyways! YAY!
I'm pretty sure that Sarah and I were frozen solid at this point... my cheeks couldn't move, I now couldn't say my s's, and I'm pretty sure my snot was no longer a liquid, haha!  7 degrees is stinkin cold, y'all!
Leaving the ICE display, but had to take some few last pictures!

And, definitely can't miss out on our yearly carriage pictures!

I must say, the Gaylord NEVER disappoints this time of year!  We debated back and forth whether to head out to Grapevine again, but I am so glad we did!  It was well worth the money and drive :)

Check out a few pictures from the years past:



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  1. Oh my goodness! Love your pictures! We went to the Grinch display last year...and it was totally awesome! You have to admit that the parkas are totally stylish too... ha.