Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blog inspiration

Through Pinterest, I have found an absolutely AH-mazing blog that I am now faithfully stalking.  The Small Things Blog is written by Kate who is seriously as cute as a button.  She is a professional hairstylist and a very crafty little thing!  Anyways, I found some of her video tutorials and got to work on my hair!  I have not mastered one of them yet, but it's a work in progress!

First up, adding braids.  Her video tutorial is to wear your braids with your hair half-up, but my hair was DIRTY and we were just going out for a little shopping.  I didn't feel like fixing my hair completely, so I just pulled them to a curled pony :)

I think I need to pull the braid on my bang's side down a little.  It looks a little high in the pics

Here is Kate's video tutorial.  You can find the blog post HERE.

Well I couldn't get enough of her tutorials, so I watched another on Saturday as I was fixing my hair!  I have been curling my hair with a straightener for a few months, but she has some really good tips in her video to make it better!

These pictures were taken about 5 hours after I had fixed it and gone out to dinner.  So, the curls held pretty well for a windy night.  They were much kinkier when I had first finished my hair.

Here's Kate:  You can also find this blog post HERE

She has several more that I want to try when I get a chance!  Definitely check out "The Small Things" because it is wonderful!

Don't Judge Me!

So, I have a confession to make.  Well... I guess a couple.

1.  I have not been keeping up with this blog (like, duh!)
2.  My closet is a serious wreck.  Those of you that are sweet might say, "Amy... messy... no, I don't believe it... she is perfect :)" but, y'all I'm not {As if I had you fooled ;)}

Don't believe, me? take a look:

There are shoes falling down, hangers everywhere, clothes thrown all over the place.  

And the bad thing is, I had just cleaned this stinkin thing like 3 weeks ago after Jared and I donated a truck FULL of clothes to Goodwill.  So, I decided that I'd straighten it for the umpteenth time.

It's not perfect.  I don't have any fancy organizing get-ups or tips, BUT it's a whole lot better than before, right?!

My clothes are organized by color and garment (pants, dresses, tops, sweatshirts, etc.) with the exception of the top rack... that stuff is the "out of season" section!

So, there you have it.  I am a complete mess in my closet.  The bad thing is that I will have to clean it up again in like 2 days because I will have once again thrown my junk everywhere!  

Whew... so glad to get that off my chest ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving... Green Family Style :)

Just wanted to take you on a journey through a Green Family Thanksgiving...

My dad saves the Black Friday deals for us to look through...

My mom slaves over a hot oven all day...

The whole fam makes ornament shaped rice krispies to give out as gifts in the neighborhood

But, we realize they turn out awful so we don't give them away...

We teach mom how to use Pinterest the correct way...

We pose for family pics...

 We are happy sisters... (including Mags)

We eat lots of baked goodness...

 Jared willingly takes pictures with a smile on his face :)

We pose for more family pictures...

We play on the I-Pads

 Even our animals pose for family pictures...

So, maybe this isn't exactly how things go in the Green house, but we seriously had the BEST Thanksgiving EVER this year!  Let me tell you how it really went down...

On Wednesday, the whole fam got together to start preparing meal for a family in Forney.  We made just about everything we could think of (pies, cakes, dressing, turkey, potatoes, rolls, etc.) to take to this sweet family on Thanksgiving morning.  We also got the stuff ready for our family meal.  It was such a blessing to spend the day in the kitchen with my family because we seriously never do that.  It was so hilarious because we had to google about every recipe that we needed, haha!  

On Thursday, Jared and Daddy delivered the meal and then we celebrated our Thanksgiving together as a family.  We did spend a lot of time eating, but it was of course followed by naps and showing mom how to work technology.  Anna, Momma, and I spent about an hour going through blogs and pinterest.  

I would definitely not trade those moments for anything!  It was priceless!