Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good Eats

The Dallas area has some stinkin good food, y'all!  Jared is pretty good about visiting the Dallas Observer to find new restaurants for us to try out.  I wanted to share some of the yummy places we've been to lately.

First and foremost, I love the Bishop Arts District of Dallas.  It has so many fun restaurants, plus the shops are open late so you can window shop while waiting to eat.  

This is my all-time FAVORITE bakery:   Cretia's.  Their strawberry cake is to-die-for.  This location is just a branch from their main bakery.  It's a neat place to go after dinner

I'll stick with the dessert theme, and tell ya about Popcorn Papa.  Jared and I visited this fun shop this weekend, although we have been there about 5 years ago?!  They make ALL kinds of popcorn.  We ordered the cookies and cream (which is seriously delish) and a mix of buttery with jalapeno/ranch popcorn.  I can't stop eating it!  While we were in the store, some kids came in and ordered 10 X-Large bags, so that just tells you how good it really is!

Next up... AwShucks Oyster Bar- I normally despise seafood, but this place is ah-mazing.  Jared and I had the shrimp cocktail, which was so good.  Then, I stuck with a chicken po'boy because I didn't want to overdo it, haha!  I am slowly getting ready to start eating all things seafood, but it may take a while!  Jared LOVED his fish and chips.  This is just a pic I found from Google :)

Now, it's time for some cajun food, y'all!  Once again, I'm not a huge fan, but I like to explore new places.  You have to try out Alligator Cafe, especially if you are a fan of cajun food!  I was a wimp and had another chicken po'boy, but I did try some fried alligator (and by golly, it was good!)

Last on the list... Barbec's.  Their biscuits are "slap yo mama" good.  The sweet waitress brought all 4 of us (Kent and Sarah included) a free biscuit because it was our first time.  You don't need gravy, jelly, butter, or anything to ruin those delicious wonders!  I ate a sausage breakfast burrito with hash browns.  So good!

Lot's of good places to eat out there!  I think everyone needs to explore new restaurants because you never know what you might find!  Get away from those chain places, and eat the good stuff!

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