Saturday, August 6, 2011

Texas Forever!

Jared and I always say, "TEXAS FOREVER!"  It's a phrase off of Friday Night Lights (the TV show)... but, seriously, it's stinkin hot here.  I know I say this every year, and I always think "I don't remember it being this hot," BUT c'mon's the truth!  With the school year quickly approaching (only 2 weeks away now!), I've come to realize that I'm going to need clothes that are suitable for this UN-suitable weather.  That's when I turn to the Mr. and say, "Can you take me back to school clothes shopping?!"  Thankfully, he agreed, and off to Chiloso and Target we went (Big spender, right?!).

Seriously, love me some Chiloso!  If you haven't been, you are seriously missing out!

I found the perfect little dress for the first day of school that will be comfy, cute, and cool!  Here's a pic:

I bought the purple and gray, because a girl needs options, right?!  Sorry for the horrible picture, but I was having the hardest time getting one to save!  For only $20, I think this dress and I will become close friends in the Texas Heat!  I also bought a few sleeveless tops that will come in quite handy.  That's why I love Target so much!  You can spend less than 100 bucks, and walk away with several outfits!

So, bring it on Texas!  I'm ready for you... maybe haha.  Wait a minute, if it's only 90 degrees outside right now, I should probably put on a light jacket :)

I just HAVE to share these pictures of my adorable niece that will be in Kindergarten at my school this year.  She is absolutely presh, and I can't wait to see her everyday!  She came to the school while I was setting up my classroom and we showed her all of the important parts of the school building... the gym, playground, and cafeteria haha!  Isn't she a beauty?!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  We are headed to the circus tonight, so hopefully I'll have some pics to share!

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