Saturday, August 27, 2011

A quick update

I've definitely neglected this lil blog lately!  School as been consuming every part of my life, but I wanted to share a few pictures from an exciting night last week.  Our student ministry had a baptism night on Wednesday where about 15 kids were baptized!  These were kids that have committed to following Christ and went through a baptism class this summer.  It is amazing to see God still working in the lives of teenagers.  We hear a lot about the troubles and awful situations that these kids have to face on a daily basis, so nights like this put everything into perspective.

Here are a few pictures from the night!  I'd upload more, but it was taking forever!

Before baptisms got started, I chatted with one of my favorite little boys, Royal.  He had just got finished asking me if I had fake hair in because he could see part of my scalp, ha!

I am most definitely thankful to belong to a church family where God is still working and moving.  I have to brag a little on my husband and say that he has grown tremendously the past couple of years.  Life as a pastor is not always roses and hearts, but he has handled difficult situations with wisdom and guidance from the Lord.  I am thankful that he leads our family and student ministry!  I am one very lucky and blessed girl!!!

Can't wait to hear my man preach in the morning!  I'm also ready to tackle the week ahead... hope everyone has a blessed week :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ohmiword... forgot to mention

My dad FINALLY got a haircut today!  Doesn't he look handsome?!  After several months of sporting a long hairstyle, he chopped it all off today!  

Love my daddy :)

When life gives you lemons, throw them in the mud :)

It's that time of year... working on my classroom, meeting my new students, making lesson plans, and playing in the mud.  Wait, that doesn't sound right?!!  Actually, while I'm busy working away, Jared is also busy getting ready to kick off a new year in the student ministry.  We always say hello to a new school year mudpit style :)

It actually started off a little innocent.  Just a dab of mud here and a dab of mud there :)

Look, people are sitting back, enjoying their evening

And, then it started.  Extreme mud fighting.

They would get all clean, and then go right back in!

Let's just say when they mess with Jared, he ALWAYS wins

Lucky me...  I'm all clean!  Thanks to my camera for protecting me!  Sarah wasn't so lucky haha

AWWWW, what a precious and dirty couple :)

I was seriously lucky to only have a few spots of mud on me!

My husband is a HUGE dork!  

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty stinkin successful Mudfest!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I must admit that I have missed my roomies from our summer student ministry trip, SOAR.  My emotions must have been getting the best of me when I volunteered to have a sleepover with 8 freshmen girls (on my last free night before going back to work!), but they are the BEST, so it was definitely worth it!

We headed out for a night on the town in Dallas.  Our first stop was Jakes to grab some yummy burgers!  Emily refused to take a serious picture, so this is why there is one missing!

After Jakes, we went to Krispy Kreme, but I didn't snap any photos there :(

Then, we headed home for a Just Dance Party.  It was HI-larious!

Seriously, how could you not love these sweet little faces :)

So wish that I would have snapped a picture of the Mr. playing with the girls, because it was sooooo funny- AND he won (duh!)

After our dance party, we settled in with the movie, Letters to God.  Needless to say, most of the girls were in tears before the end of the movie.  I actually held myself together for once... maybe because it was 3:00 in the morning so I couldn't focus enough to cry!

And, some of them fell asleep!

OHHHH... and during the movie (at 1:00!) our doorbell rang.  We got rolled... which makes the Mr. and myself NOT happy campers.  My girls were the sweetest and cleaned it up (and maybe they chased the boys that did it down and forced them to help also!)  I just might have used my teacher's voice on the boys and told them that they were disrespectful hahaha!

We went to sleep around 4:00, so it should make for an interesting week!!!  LOVE my SOAR girls!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Two Days in a Row

I've had doggy drama 2 days in a row now!!!  Bailey is terrified of my text messaging ring tone.  So, lately when I get a text message, this is where I find Bailey:

YES, in the stinkin TUB!  This was Bailey in the tub on Thursday (ignore the mess, I do not ever actually take a bath in that thing!):

So, I think to myself, "Self... you should change your ringtone so Bailey doesn't freak out.  After all, she isn't scared of her daddy's phone!"  So, I change it to a decent tone.

I get a text message.

Bailey goes to the tub... AGAIN.  2 days in a row!
Look how freaked out she looks in this picture.  I"m tellin y'all... she is for real terrified of my phone!

I literally have no clue what to do with this dog!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On display, on display, on display...

So, I am a Real Housewives junkie... I'll just go ahead and admit it!  My post title comes from an episode of the New Jersey ladies :)

I started cleaning my house at 11:30 last night.  Why, you ask?  I DON'T KNOW!  Kidding.  If I save my house cleaning duties for the daytime then I won't get to it.  My life is school, school, school right now, so I spend every waking minute preparing for the next few weeks!  So, last night I decided it was time to clean and move some things around.

I took everything off of the mantle, entertainment center, bookshelves, tables, etc. etc. etc. and put all of the decorations in the middle of the room.  Then, I went and dusted all of my surfaces, cleaned the floors, and what have you.  After I was finished cleaning, I put all of my decorations up in a different spot so my house would feel new and fresh.  I try to do this a couple of times a year.  It keeps me from getting bored with what I have.  Here are some of my new displays (that's where the title comes in)...

I have an obsession with small decorative plates, napkins, and napkin rings...

Changed the mantle to pictures... 

There's more, but I don't want to bore you!  Only 2 more days until we officially go back to work.  Can't even believe it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

for my dear friend :)

Let me tell you about my dear friend, Sarah...

You see, Sarah and I, are always trying to come up with ways to get rich quick (even though it goes against anything we have ever been taught haha).  We know you have to work hard for your money, but it would be just so nice if we could come up with a really cool new invention.  So far, we've had zero luck!  So, in tribute to our "get rich quick" schemes, I made this for her:

Just a little inspiration to keep us motivated :)  I saw this quote on Pinterest, and just HAD to make it for her!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Mr. knows how to bake :)

Seriously, my hubs is such a good baker.  I am horrible, but he is pretty dadgum good.  So, I want to share a recipe that was inspired by a brownie that we had in Hawaii.  We are going to call it, "Marshmallow Brownies"

First, you start with a regular brownie mix (bake according to package), easy as pie, right?!

Here are the ingredients you need when your brownies are baked and ready to go!
Chocolate Chips (a couple of handfuls)
Marshmallows (a couple of handfuls)
Hot Fudge (to drizzle on top)


Once the brownies have cooled for about 15-20 minutes (they need to be warm, but not hot enough to melt the chocolate chips and marshmallows), take a handful of chocolate chips and sprinkle them on top of the brownies.  You can push them in a little, but not too much!

Now, do the same thing with the marshmallows!

Next, drizzle the hot fudge (warmed in the microwave) on top of the brownies 

And, that's it!  So easy and delish!  You have to try these out :)

I'll take one please!  You'll get a bite full of brownie with a crunch of the chocolate chip, fluffiness of a marshmallow, and gooey hot fudge all in one!

Texas Forever!

Jared and I always say, "TEXAS FOREVER!"  It's a phrase off of Friday Night Lights (the TV show)... but, seriously, it's stinkin hot here.  I know I say this every year, and I always think "I don't remember it being this hot," BUT c'mon's the truth!  With the school year quickly approaching (only 2 weeks away now!), I've come to realize that I'm going to need clothes that are suitable for this UN-suitable weather.  That's when I turn to the Mr. and say, "Can you take me back to school clothes shopping?!"  Thankfully, he agreed, and off to Chiloso and Target we went (Big spender, right?!).

Seriously, love me some Chiloso!  If you haven't been, you are seriously missing out!

I found the perfect little dress for the first day of school that will be comfy, cute, and cool!  Here's a pic:

I bought the purple and gray, because a girl needs options, right?!  Sorry for the horrible picture, but I was having the hardest time getting one to save!  For only $20, I think this dress and I will become close friends in the Texas Heat!  I also bought a few sleeveless tops that will come in quite handy.  That's why I love Target so much!  You can spend less than 100 bucks, and walk away with several outfits!

So, bring it on Texas!  I'm ready for you... maybe haha.  Wait a minute, if it's only 90 degrees outside right now, I should probably put on a light jacket :)

I just HAVE to share these pictures of my adorable niece that will be in Kindergarten at my school this year.  She is absolutely presh, and I can't wait to see her everyday!  She came to the school while I was setting up my classroom and we showed her all of the important parts of the school building... the gym, playground, and cafeteria haha!  Isn't she a beauty?!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  We are headed to the circus tonight, so hopefully I'll have some pics to share!