Thursday, July 28, 2011

My house

I thought that before I started posting pictures of things I make/change in and around the house I should show you my house to begin with!  We moved into our 2nd house in October of 2009, and we absolutely love it!  We immediately started to change things up such as the lighting, hardware, wood floors, etc.  Then, later on we began to paint -well the hubby and painters did, of course ;)

Here is my dining room:  Most of the decor and furniture is from Pier One (my fav store EVER)

Looking into my living room:  We really want new couches, but we can't find what we are looking for yet!

Looking into the kitchen/breakfast area... My favorite part of our home is the open living area- except when I have dirty dishes!

1st Guest Room- I call it the purple room, for obvious reasons haha.  The other three walls are painted gray, but it's very hard to tell in this picture!

The hubby's office- which will be the first room to go if we ever need to make room for other people haha!  Not my favorite room in the house by any means :)

The guest bathroom- I really want to do this bathroom in yellow and gray... just haven't found the time to do it yet!  Right now it is just decorated with extra stuff from around the house!

Guest Bedroom #2- I really want to redo some of this bedroom also... it has furniture from the hubby's childhood bedroom.  I'd love to take a paint can to it, but he won't go for that yet!

It's painted a light blue, but it's hard to tell in these pics!

I don't know where my pics of the kitchen or master bed/bathroom are... As soon as it's clean I'll snap some and add them to this post haha!  Who knows when that will be!!!

That's my house in a nutshell!  

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